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Points of Light

As beautiful as the night sky is with its countless pinpoints of light scattered across the night sky separated from one another by a dark void, it is a true metaphor for the separation between humans here on earth.  One single pin- point of light appears so small when we look into the vast night sky.  And the more we distance ourselves from it, the more easily it could be missed.

We are meant to live close, in union with one another.  We are all called upon to be the light for one another.  Light creates hope, dispelling the darkness of the soul.  Light replaces judgment through understanding which leads us toward forgiveness and mercy.  Humanity can only be lifted out of the oppression of this darkness by reconnecting with the Source of all light. 

Imagine being in complete darkness (in-complete) when all of a sudden a very large, bright light appears before you.  Imagine the powerful light drawing you in, encircling you, permeating you until all the earlier blackness disappears.  As you enter into the radiance of this powerful illumination expressing itself fully in the complete union of all celestial bodies, you realize you too have become a part of this brilliance shining in unison with all of humanity.

What room or building could contain such a light?  Imagine this light exploding outward through whatever cracks and openings there were.  Passers-by would wonder at the power of that light bursting forth from this solid structure; perhaps even fear its’ power at first; but at the same time drawn, eager to enter into it.  And when finally all belonged to the Light, the entire planet would be illuminated (not on fire) becoming a powerfully visual acclamation that we are stronger together than we ever were as divided, individual points of light separated by darkness. 

Imagine the view from ‘space’…a glowing sphere akin to the sun – a light so joyful in its prayer of thankfulness one could actually hear its transcendent music rising to God.   How can we become an everlasting filament of light, a holy choir of praise if not by becoming the fuel of love, hope and charity for one another?  The wholeness (holiness) of this body of Christ is made so by the love between its many singular points of light.  The power given to the body is given by the Father through His Son in union with all of us.

This kind of power would far exceed the power of any electric lamp, any power station ‘created’ by man.  Did man create power?  If not, where does this kind of power come from?

There is a basic scientific principle about light that is really simple:  you can't make energy out of thin air or throw it away. It doesn't matter what you do or how hard you try, you can never create energy or destroy it even though you try by hiding it under something non-transparent (like a bushel).  Just because it is hidden from view, it still exists although perhaps unseen. 

Think what happens when you switch on an electric lamp, you're not creating light from nothing. The light is being made from electricity flowing into your home from a power plant. But even a power plant doesn't make energy: it extracts energy locked in a fuel such as oil or coal and turns it into electricity. How did the energy get into the coal? It originally came from the Sun. Where did the Sun get the energy? And so on along the continuum until we reach the Source of all life.
We are not like a lightbulb whose usefulness passes once it burns out.  Others may discard us; but God doesn’t. 

Remember what Jesus said about destroying the spirit (the light within us).  Do not fear those who kill the body but are powerless to kill the soul. Man can neither create nor destroy a soul (spirit).  Only God has the power…to create and to destroy.  Jesus goes on to say, Rather, fear Him Who can destroy both soul and body in hell.  Only God has the Power to destroy what He created; but the One Who gave us life did not do so only to destroy us later.

And God did not create us with the intent that we should split apart or divide from one another.  This would result in chaos and destruction.  Yes, when we look around that is what we see – divisions, chaos and destruction; but this is our own doing, not God’s doing.   We even practice ‘division’ in laboratories.  Look at what happens when scientists split apart the nucleus of an atom.  If fission occurs quickly, there is an explosion, as in an atomic bomb.

Interestingly, you cannot see the split in the atom directly.  If you shine a light on the atom to take a picture, the split will collapse immediately. The atom can then be seen in several images:  sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right - but never in both places. And yet, the split can be proved successfully by putting the atom back together.  God is the Light that can put us back together. 

Previously we allowed so many things to divide us, but now in union with Christ Jesus, all who used to be far away, are brought close together by the blood of Christ.  He has brought us peace by making us all one people – if we will. With his own Body He dispelled the darkness that separated us and kept us rivals and enemies. By his death on the Cross, Christ destroyed our enmity and united us all into one body and brought us back to God.  He came and preached the Good News of peace to all who were far away from God.  It is through Christ that all of us are able to come together seamlessly in one Spirit in the presence of the Father.  We do not need to be estranged from one another any longer; now we are beloved members within the family of God.

As Paul tells us, ‘You, too, are built upon the foundation laid by the apostles and prophets, the cornerstone being Christ Jesus himself.  He is the one who holds the whole building together and makes it grow into a sacred temple dedicated to the Lord.  In union with him you too are being built together with all the others into a place where God lives through his Spirit.

I do not create you to give a little weak light for a time and then burn out.  You rely on mechanical means for light but I am the Source.  Even in your love for one another you settle for mechanical hearts like the Tin man.  Soon they rust by the tears of those you have mis-used and whatever flicker of love you had dies with it.

Although many of you fail to recognize Me, I am not a distant (dis-interested) star, or falling (failing) star that drops from Heaven from time to time for your blind eyes to see.  I am the Light within you; so close, we are one.  Perhaps, this is why you cannot see Me clearly.  You look for external realities when My eternal Reality lies deep within you.  Stop judging yourself and others by external standards.  You will not come to know My full Light within you and others by any external means. 

As Jesus told the Pharisees,
What I teach is not My own teaching, but it comes from God, who sent Me.  Whoever is willing to do what God wants will know whether what I teach comes from God; or whether I speak on My own authority.  Those who speak on their own authority are trying to gain glory for themselves. But he who wants glory for the One Who sent him is honest, and there is nothing false in him.  

Moses gave you the Law, didn't he? But not one of you obeys the Law. Why are you trying to kill Me?  Stop judging by external standards, and judge by true standards.’

Realize My Love for you, My children.  You are My many little lights to one another – no one light is greater than the other.  Do the stars stand in judgment of each other or does the sun judge the moon and say, ‘I am the greater light?’  No.  This would defame the Enterprise of My Love for you; which is meant to save you from your own pride and ensuing loneliness to bring you all within My transport of Love.  It is not a space-ship I offer you, but My Spirit of Love in a relation-ship between I, your Lord; and all of you, My beloved children.

You need not reach for the stars in order to increase your true value; neither seek to be the brightest star in the sky.  It is not enough for even if you were you would disappear within the Son-light that I am.  Individual fame will not make you greater than you already are as images of My Light.  Soon My children, as you dissolve into Love you will begin to live an endless day with endless light.  No longer will there be any darkness in the world cast by the shadows of judgement and despair.

Come, those of you ‘starving’ for the Light.  I will serve you a banquet of Love that will remove all memories of hunger and want, imbalance and longing; for at last you will be full. There will be a few who attempt to separate you from My Light by keeping the shutters of your hearts closed tight.  But though you resist, My Light will infiltrate your pride fueled by ignorance; and create an explosion of love within the tombs of your hearts.  You will begin to heal by My enlightenment.  Then as with the transfiguration of My Son lying in the tomb, your resurrection will have begun.

Do not tremble.  Do not fear the Light.  I will begin gently for My Presence revealed within you all at once would cause you to faint; for you are all faint of heart My children though you tell yourselves otherwise.  Slowly I, the Source will restore life within you as proof of your restoration to My Image and Resemblance – not as a copy but as a unique particle of the original Light that I am.

You are a projection of My Love upon My endless screen of Creation - a vision of My Love; for you were manifested into reality by My having imagined you within…by My Heart’s desire to share with My many particles of light the many gifts I have created for you to participate in My immense Joy of having you to share it with; and for you also to share your joy with one another. My celestial sphere encompasses all that you see and beyond - immeasurable and continuing into forever.

My Threshold of Love awaits you.  I do not ask you to step into the ‘looking glass’ as Alice did into a dusky world of false images or down a rabbit hole into darkness and instability.  I, the Light am calling you unto Myself...‘like’ unto ‘like’ (light into Light) to merge into an inseparable Joy where all become one in the Presence with I am.

Once the Threshold is crossed pain, insecurity, shame and all other wormholes of darkness will cease to exist.  The images of confusion you have created with your dim mirrors will dissipate as smoke within the Light of My true Love for you.  All will be light and your true beauty of origin will be revealed.

Your heavenly Father






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