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The Orchestra of God

Imagine entering a concert hall to listen to a performance of God’s.  You hand over your ticket and the usher walks you into the auditorium and you follow him to your seat.  The usher is walking closer and closer to the front and you are now thinking that you are going to get the best seat in the house.  However, he passes the seating section and walks you all the way to the front where the orchestra plays and he ushers you to a seat within the orchestra.  You are unsure of what is happening but still follow instructions. 

You sit down and unsure of what to do, you just wait and watch others practicing their instruments.  Some look more skilled than others while others look like they’ve never touched an instrument.  You are wondering what kind of orchestra this is.  Then the usher cues to you to pick up the instrument before you and to start tuning and practicing it.

Now whether or not you really know how to play an instrument, in this situation you are at a loss because you were under the impression you would be viewing and listening to the music not actually part of the music playing. 

So you hesitantly pick the instrument and start to fiddle around with it.  You may or may not know it is in tune but you try.  You still aren’t sure of what’s going on; but go along with everything anyway. 

By now some more people have come and joined in.  Some are more enthusiastic than others.  Some who were there before you gave up trying and walked away; while others plug away trying to figure out their instrument.  It looks like a big orchestra; however there are many empty spots for others to fill.

Now you realize you also have the choice to walk away or not.  But curious about what might happen you stay.  Also you don’t think you’ll be too embarrassed to play because whether you know the instrument or not, others in the orchestra aren’t playing nearly as well or are in the same situation as you.  Plus, you look to where the audience is supposed to be (you included, as you originally thought) and there’s no one there.  Except the one usher waiting for others to arrive.

All of a sudden standing before you all in the place of the conductor’s spot is Jesus.  A silence fills the room instantly.  He looks at you but somehow you know that He is looking at everyone else too but all at the same time.  He smiles.  Then there is just love.  An ease comes over the room, seeing the Master (Maestro) before you, smiling with love. 

Now He motions to you to lift your instruments and start playing.  But that’s when it hits you; you are about to play in God’s orchestra!  “What?!  Me?!  I can’t!  I don’t know how and even more, I don’t deserve to.  You can’t be serious.  Don’t you have angels and saints to do this, who will most likely play better than I can and actually deserve to?”

Without words you hear Him say, “I have chosen you as I have chosen all.  I believe in you for I am with you, before you now, am I not?  I will guide your every move and sound.  All I ask it that you trust in Me.  You are not meant to be a spectator of love but a part-taker of love. 

“You are meant to live love; living My Music of Love for others to hear and join in too. Do not just play My Music, as role-playing or “playing the part” and never actually living it.  For then you play (fool) around with My Music to draw others in only to use them for your own use and gain, using them to be spectators and admirers of you. 

“So many use My Name to continue to live their life of sin under the guise of ‘holy’.  Soon their song shall be heard no more.  For, though they will try and play louder and harder, their song shall never be heard over the silence of My Voice. 

“Live in My Love.  When you live in My Love you become part-taker within My orchestra.
For, you live in My Truth.”

So willingly, lovingly and humbly you stay and lift your instrument in a ready position for the Maestro’s (Master’s) instructions.

All of you who have chosen to stay, awaiting the Master; whether you know how to play an instrument or not, whether you will sound horrible, whether you are withered or tired, broken-hearted, or even if there are still missing musicians; you all stay and await the Maestro’s cue when to begin.

Then you hear something.  It is a beautiful and sweet sound.  A song.  But no one is playing yet.  Yet where is this sound coming from.  It is like this small, sweet sound fills the room.  Then you realize it is Jesus.  He is humming, humming a beautiful song of love, just for you (all of you, My children). 

You realize it is a song that has lived (played) for all eternity, and now because you are listening in silence, you can hear its sweet sound.  It existed before you and plays presently.  And it shall be lived (played) even after.  For, it is a song of love and God is Love and God is eternal.  Therefore it is an eternal song that has always lived on but now because the Spirit has opened our ears to it, we may now hear it too.

But how can we even think about playing along with His voice when His is all that we need and ours can and will never be as good as His?

“I believe in you, My children.  I need all of you to take part within My orchestra for you are My instruments.”  Then you realize that the instruments you were holding are gone and you are His instruments.  “It shall not be your voice that others hear; but My Voice.  They shall be drawn into this orchestra of love that lives (not plays) the Masterpiece of the Father, for all of you are pieces of the Master.  When you allow Me to guide you, conduct your every move, second by second, note by note, we shall be as one, all of you before Me.  And then others shall join.”

Then it is clear.  And with those notes (of love) you begin to allow Him to play His instrument, by you (a piece of the Master) living in His Image before you and within you.

But just as an instrument (if left aside and not catered to), your soul (the instrument of God) becomes plagued with dust and dirt from the inequities and lack of love of the world.  You also will need to be tuned and require some tweaking.  An instrument well cared for and regularly tuned will give a much stronger and beautiful sound, than the one that is full of dirt, out of tune and missing parts.

The only way the instrument (you) will be cleaned and ready for the Wind of the Spirit to blow through it and reveal the sweet sound of Heaven, is by the Truth.  How can we (the instrument) share the gifts of Heaven if we don’t let it be told what we must change for us to sound better?

Imagine a violin, if it was alive, and you said to it, “Okay now you need to be tuned, otherwise you won’t sound good.”  And the violin tells you, “What?!  I’m not out of tune!  I don’t need a tune up.”  Or a trumpet is full of dirt and you tell it, “Okay, you need to be cleaned off, because there’s no way I can put my mouth on you while you’re that dirty.”  And it responds, “How dare you!  I am not dirty.  I am clean.  Now use me so I sound good.” 

Of course we know instruments do not have the capability to respond like this but the Spirit wants to make a point.  We know as ‘musicians’ when our instrument is out of tune or in need of cleaning or repairs.  So why wouldn’t the Master (the Maestro) know what we, His instruments, are in need of, and why wouldn’t we let Him clean, repair and tune us to His liking (likeness)?  Instead we usually fight and deny like the violin and trumpet did, yet we still want to be used by the Maestro because out of pride we still want to look and sound good to others.

The conductor is the only one who knows the whole piece of music.  But the orchestra only knows their part in the piece, not everyone else’s part.  The conductor however, knows every note of each instrument and when they come in to play.  The individuals within the orchestra rely on the conductor’s direction as to when to come in and when to stop.  If the orchestra were left to play without a conductor they would be lost and the piece of music would never be heard.  So a conductor is very important.

It is why we need the Father to help us, direct us and guide us as to what to do.  We could never play within the symphony of God without relying fully on Him to masterfully (full of the Master) play (live) our part in His Masterpiece.  We are His instruments.  For us to share the music of love to others, we must constantly be cleaned and tuned and sometimes even in front of others, so they learn to do the same. 

Sometimes the Father will take us aside and tune us or clean us because at first we are too weak for it to be done in front of others.  But He does not do this for us to hide what we’ve done but to learn of His Mercy and be able to share it with others.  Then there are times where He will reveal our mistake in front of everyone.  But not to shame or embarrass us but to help us gain humility and strength knowing that though it may be hard to hear (never mind while no one is there but now in front of others) that He is doing this with love and mercy, giving us the chance to change and be happy, and for others to learn to do the same.  When the Maestro (Master) gives a music (life) lesson, it is never for one person but for all of us.

But music cannot be heard without air.  If it were possible to play a piece of music within a room without air it could not be heard.  It is just like in space where there is no air; therefore no sound.  Astronauts often say they are astounded by the ‘sound’ of silence within space.  Not only do we need air to breathe but it is also what carries sound from one place to another.

Air on its own is enough to survive; but what gives the breath of life is the Spirit.  It is like I said “I love you” without meaning it.  You wouldn’t feel a thing, even though the air carried my words to your ear.  But if I said “I love you” because I meant it, the sound of my words wouldn’t just be traveling to you through the air, but the Wind of the Spirit would carry them to your heart as well.  It is this ‘Wind’ that is most important.  The Father gave us the gift of air but also the gift of the Spirit that carries the piece of the Master unto the hearts of others. 

But each breath that we are given is also a gift from the Father.  Our next breath is the proof of God’s love and mercy; giving us the chance to turn things around, and do better now. 

I remember something that touched me very deeply and opened my eyes to God’s love and mercy for us.  He said once (and now to all of us), “I love you My children for even while you were sinning I kept the life (breath) within you for I knew the day you’d come to Me.”  I realized that God kept me alive while in my act(s) of sin so that I would make it to the present day to know just how much He loves me.  I was so moved, I couldn’t believe that while I was doing something bad, He kept life in me when He could have taken it away at any moment but didn’t so that I would come to know Him.  He loves us all this much, so why would we ever want anything less than Him?

We may have wasted many of our past breaths and used them to do ‘bad’ but that doesn’t matter to Him, what matters is what we shall do with the next one.  But even the breath after that one, and the one after that, and the one after that one do not matter either; because we are not guaranteed any breath after the one we are taking right now.  No one knows the hour.  So it is this breath that matters, that counts.  What shall you do with it?

Shall it be used for your own use and gain? Or shall it be given unto Me for is it not already Mine, since you belong to Me, and this breath that I give you is a gift from I to do with as I please?  Let not this breath be wasted for even one breath can begin change in the world.  Did I not breathe into My apostles?  It was not as a normal breath of air but the Wind of Spirit for it breathed life, the True Life that I am, into them for they were open to It.  They opened their hearts, minds and bodies to become as I am.  And I sent them into the world to share It unto others for them to do the same.

They were My instruments playing (living) the piece of the Master unto all My children.  It was shared and played (lived) through the few to find you today, (you who reads this), to call you to play (live) It too and let the Wind of the Spirit carry it forth unto others, so they too may live It and share It with others, until all are changed and within My orchestra of love, playing (living) the Masterpiece of Heaven, through all the pieces of the Master, all of you, My children.

First you may be shaky in playing (living) your part.  You may make mistakes but as the song continues (and never ends) you begin to get better and better each time. 

But it is not as a broken record playing over and over again but as the donkey and wagon that goes around the world to pick everyone up as it goes.  The more people who join in the more, the stronger and more beautiful the song sounds.  If someone doesn’t get on the first time or decides to get off after getting on, then perhaps they will choose to get on the next time it comes around.  But never does that wagon (music) stop.  It keeps going.  It keeps playing for you keep living in My Truth. 

I am the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.  My music of love never stops, for if one departs another continues carrying it forth unto tomorrow, where eternity exists upon earth as it is in Heaven.

I call you My children to enter within the concert hall where all are one, living the Truth of the Father, praising His name and calling upon others to join.  The concert hall may be empty and the seats of the orchestra may not all be filled; but do not stop.  Keep playing (living) My music for soon you shall see the many drawn to its call, its sound.  It may be but a whisper within a loud world, but even a silent call of love is felt more than a loud cry of hate. 

Do not stop playing (living).  If your fingers and hands hurt, or you are withered and tired, sore and in pain, or if there are just a few of you or even if you are alone…do not stop.  For, you are not alone; for I am with you.  My Spirit shall carry you.  My peace shall give you rest.  My love shall give you strength.  And My Truth shall make My music within you felt within every heart.

Even if there was just one, it is enough to continue My Music and for My Truth to live on.  For,  eventually someone will hear that one and join in too until all hear My Call and answer It.

Play My Masterpieces - all of you, My pieces of the Master.  There are no strings attached, for I give you free will.  The sound of trumpets proclaiming My Return shall be heard through you My instruments, proclaiming that the end is near…the end of suffering, hunger, thirst, pain, hatred, war.  For in you, I shall bring Love unto them for them to find comfort and love; and where all shall become One in Me.

Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm…





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