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Dead Stone or a Rock

Peter being a fisherman spent most of his time in his boat.  So like any other day he went out to go fishing.  And probably like most days, he was grumpy, upset, fed up with the world, and fighting with anyone who got on his nerves or in his way of doing his job and making the day or night longer than it needed to be.  Catching as many fish as possible as soon as possible was the goal. 

One night, like many, he caught nothing. He threw his net out over and over and over again but nothing came up with the nets.  What a waste.  So he decided to turn in. 

While cleaning his nets with his brother, Jesus comes, steps into his boat, and asks him to push Him out a little to preach to those who were following Him to listen from the Spirit.  After a long night of catching no fish Peter wasn’t about to prolong his time even more but somehow Peter couldn’t say no when he looked upon the face of Christ and he willingly agreed to help Him.

After Jesus finished sharing with the crowd, He said to Peter, “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.”  Peter said, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.”  Peter, even in his doubts, even in his tiredness, even in his knowing that now is not a good time to fish, listened and obeyed. 

Peter threw the net in and started to pull up the net thinking there would be nothing.  But upon pulling the net up from the water it was full of fish that was so heavy it almost sunk their boat.  They even had to get help from the other boat to help them bring up the net and balance the weight of the boat so as not to sink. 

Then Peter seeing this before him, fell at the feet of Jesus saying, “Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!”  Peter didn’t feel worthy, knowing his past, even present way of life.  But what did Jesus say? Don’t be afraid; from now on you will be a fisher of men.”  And Peter and the others left everything and followed Jesus.

Before this Peter didn’t follow Jesus right away.  He was still fishing, still living his life in the world, all the while Jesus was preaching around him.  When Peter pulled all those fish up, from nothing to a boatful, he felt so unworthy.  

Jesus said to Peter, “You are Peter and upon this rock I shall build My church.”  At that moment Peter was hit hard by the Spirit.  Peter’s hard rock, outer shell of his heart, was broken through and only then could it begin to be formed.

What if I was to tell you, you had a heart of stone?  Would you be mad?  But the Spirit is saying that we, all of us, have a heart of stone.  Yes, we can all try and excuse ourselves from this, saying how good we are, how loving and soft-hearted we are, how much we care for others.  But He is telling us that we have a heart of stone, no excuses!

The Spirit has a way of showing us that we have no excuses.  He knows everything and He can easily show us where we have been too cold (no love or care), too hot (angry and spiteful), too warm (too soft or weak) and even no temperature at all (lazy or idling).  All of us at one time or another have become immovable to love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, mercy, and care.  It is like our hearts are replaced with stones.  This hard substance has replaced this supposed soft and life (love) giving organism – our heart.

But imagine beginning to carve into this stone.  What a good foundation!

Jesus said, “Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.  The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.  But everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand.  The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.”

So is that what we can say?  Are our hearts that kind of rock, like Peter?  Have we let the Spirit carve within us His teachings to build His Kingdom of Heaven upon earth?  Have we put into practise the teachings of the Lord?  Or have we remained dead stone?  Which one: the rock or dead stone?

Do you not know which of the two you are?  The answer is easy, have you put into practice everything that I have shared with you.  Do you live the Truth or turn away from It when It is offered to you?  You may say ‘Lord, but I have fed the poor, gone to church, read the gospel.’ But I will say unto those ‘Go away I know you not for you have done this for your own glory, your own reward.’ 

While you preach one way you live another.  These are the dead stone, for you have not died out of your old life.  On the contrary you have pursued your own goals, your reward in this world while I have given you to know the True Way of Life that I am.

Many of you know My teachings and yet never put them into practise.  Then you come unto Me and ask, “Lord why is my house, my family falling apart?  Why haven’t you answered my prayers and fixed my family?”  Must you ask such a question when all answers have been given to you.  All you must do is put them into practise. 

Why are you searching for the fruits of your labour when you have not laboured in sowing the seeds I gave you?  You keep the seeds for yourself and store them away to be forgotten.  They are like lifeless words written on paper forgotten in a pile of other “useless” things.  Yet what value they would have if they are put into practise.

Do not ask why the kids’ lives are a mess; for what kind of example do they have in you? You cannot ask them to do anything you do not do yourself.  Otherwise, your become a hypocrite.  Are you?

You wish to preserve your current “life.”  For changing and putting My teachings into practise would be too hard on you and those around you.  Putting My teachings into practise would mean perhaps that some would be angry with you or might like you for the change they see in you.   Are you seeking praise for giving in to every want (not need) of others so that you may preserve the glory for yourself?

Those who wish to save their life shall soon find they will lose it.  But those who hate their life in this world shall save it unto eternity. These are the ones who have been born again.  Born again from water and My Spirit. 

When you allow Me to build upon the rock of your heart, carving out the good foundation, it is then I can build My Kingdom of Heaven upon earth.  You must allow Me to mold and shape you to be able to carry the many mansions (My many children) in My Father’s house (now your heart).  Then when the wicked winds of the earth blow nothing shall be torn down for I will have built upon My Truth that you live and not just speak.  This rock (your heart if you so choose) shall be the foundation for My many Mansions to find comfort, peace and love.  

But a home also needs light.  It is why I fill the shelter of your heart which you have provided for Me, with the Spirit of My Light.  It shall be illuminated by the Wind of My Spirit.  A flame needs air to take light, so as the Spirit that I am takes life in you, it shall provide the Light that I am in you to ignite, to shine bright as a beacon of hope for all to take refuge within.

My Spirit like the wind cannot be seen, nor touched.  It is felt.  But unlike the wind of the earth which is felt outside, the Wind of the Spirit is felt within. 

On Pentecost I overtook the hearts of those present within the upper room.  This same Wind is alive today but rarely is heard or recognized.  But many have heard and recognized it yet choose to ignore this Wind and what it carries to their heart.  For a moment they are uplifted and excited to find it soothing and caressing their souls but quickly turn to pen and paper to write down what is being shared and set aside for a later time when they need it. 

What fools you are in doing so.  My Words are to be lived and shared by the example in you.  Why have you not started to live the Word?

My apostles all came to live the Word as I lived (live) it before them.  They were flawed and weak as all humans are but from nothing I bring forth greatness, as an empty net to one full of life ready and willing to give up its life for its Creator.  I even gave further proof of this for those who needed to be reminded of My love for them.

The Spirit reminds that this happen twice with the apostles and the second time happened after Christ resurrected.  Peter and the apostles were very sad and discouraged thinking that it was sort of ‘over’ since they had not seen Jesus again after He appeared to them in the room they were hiding in.  So they all decided to go fishing but they caught nothing all day.  Then someone calls out, “Hey, try throwing the net on the other side of the boat!”  “Is this guy nuts?  He for sure isn’t a fisherman.”  Peter thinks.  But this Man persists, “Throw your net on the other side of the boat.”  Some of the apostles started to laugh and say, “This guy knows nothing of fishing.”  But something hit Peter.  He could have said forget it and turned in but again he listened to what this Man was saying.  Even if Peter did it to shut this Man up to prove to him that ‘nothing would happen’, he still listened and did what the Man told him to do.  But for Peter it wasn’t this.  All of a sudden he was reminded of the time before and knew to listen.

As soon as Peter and the apostles saw the fish they knew it was the Lord.  Peter missed the Lord so much he didn’t even care about the fish anymore (his livelihood).  He jumped into the water without his clothes and swam to the Lord.

It must become this way for us too.  But only until we are ready to give up our whole life (our old ways of living which got us into the mess we are in today) and listen to Him and put what He shares into practise.

You say ‘Practise makes perfect’.  Is your life going toward perfection?  Or is it further and further from perfection?  You need not answer for the answer is in the state of your life today for I see everything.

Remember that I said perfection isn’t being perfect.   Perfection means learning something new every day and putting it into practise.  For then the fruits of your labour shall not be wasted and spoiled (as spoiling children or giving in to every want of others), for instead of putting seeds of no value within the ground, you are putting the seeds of My value (My teachings) within the hearts of others by living them within your own life.

If you were a farmer and if you knew the seeds you have in your hands to sow would grow nothing or even worse spoiled fruits that cannot be eaten, would you plant them?  Would you put all that energy into toiling the ground, planting the seeds, watering them and harvesting them when you knew you cannot prosper from the fruits they grow? 

Then why do you toil in such a way now when you know the way you have been living thus far, when it has not brought your suffering to an end and made your life and the lives of your children and those around you worse than before?

It was as Peter toiling away all day and night doing the same thing over and over while never seeing any results.  But as soon as he listened to I, His Master and loving Father, he saw the fruits of listening to I Am.  In one second I can change nothing into something that shall over fill your heart with love.

I called Peter My rock for though he was flawed (as all of you are) I carved upon his heart of stone a good foundation of love and obedience.  He did not remain dead stone.  He allowed Me to carve upon his heart the Mansion of the Father for others to find shelter within for he put into practise My teachings by living them, out of love, obedience and knowing what was good for him and others.

Are you ready?  Are you ready to let go of your own fruitless seeds (ways of life) and take hold of the Good Farmer’s seeds and put them into practise?  Or shall you remain dead stone?  Can I call upon you to be the rock for others to find strength in you as the example you may or may not (because of free will) become?

It does not matter what kind of mess your life is in at this moment for at any moment I can change things around; but it starts with you.  Remember only I Am can change nothing into something; from dead stone to a strong foundation; from death to Life. All you have to do is put into practise the teachings I have already given you.

Are you ready?  Then start now and practise!

Your loving Father






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