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A Cautionary Truth (not a tale!) Part 2

Even as far back as the time of Moses, people were on an imposed ‘ride’ at the hands of the Egyptians who operated the machinery of slavery in order to dominate and control the Israelites.  But they could not completely enslave their minds and hearts for they still believed in God although their situation seemed hopeless.  And then one day, the ride (slavery) stopped and they were given their freedom.  They would leave Egypt and begin their journey forward toward a better life:  in the ‘promised land’.  This they did, happily and hopefully…for a while.

Their freedom was exhilarating at first; but what they expected would be a quick jaunt through the desert seemed to them another never-ending ride where the same view of the desert spun around them for forty years.  They revolted.  They complained to God that He had abandoned them.  They were angry and demanded answers.  True, they were no longer slaves but now what?  They ‘waited’ for the desert-ride to end but with no action necessary on their part. This is what prolonged the ride.

But action on their part was necessary.  Faith was required and so was trust that God was with them and that He would help them step by step.  The Remedy was there within them.  But as slaves, they had become very used to looking outward, having become dependent on being taken care of. They said, ‘At least with Egyptians - there was food, and a roof over our heads!’  Over time, dissatisfaction settled in along with laziness; and this soon turned to a distinct set of expectations.  They expected God to do everything for them.  Even in illness, you must reach for the remedy and follow instructions for it to become a cure.  We are told that they became stubborn and wilful in their demands.  They grumbled day and night.

Although the Israelites were given manna, they were ungrateful for this bread from heaven provided by God to nourish them; but we can’t point our fingers at the Israelites, because many of us have done the same in refusing to accept Christ as the living bread also sent to sustain life in us.  Jesus said, Your ancestors ate the manna in the wilderness, yet they died. But here is the bread that comes down from heaven, which anyone may eat and not die. I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats this bread will live forever. This bread is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.

Believe it or not, after about a month and a half they told Moses, ‘We wish the Lord had killed us in Egypt. When we lived there, we could at least sit down and eat all the bread and meat we wanted. But you have brought us out here into this desert, where we are going to starve.’  They wanted to get off this ride but not His Way.  Stubbornly they wanted to do it their way by changing the Remedy - the Law of God.  They decided if God wasn’t going to do it for them, they would devise their own remedy.  They decided to have many gods instead. 

Even when God provided water and food in the desert, they complained because what they really wanted was human flesh, sexuality.  God had told them, Marry one and stay with that one.  If it doesn’t work out, stay alone.  They found this teaching didn’t fit their desires.  Their remedy was divorce, as well as having many wives.  One dictionary source defines a ‘merry-go-round’ as:  a person choosing many lovers, one after the other for their own personal amusement.  This is what the people did in making excuses for ‘divorce’.  Lust was edified by the people and they chose their many little gods to uphold their lust.  And so, love was diminished.

The infant who has learned to self-soothe by sucking his thumb, would never replace the comfort of his mother’s breast or the nourishment of his mother’s milk with the short-term satisfaction of his own thumb.  If he did, he would starve not only of lack of food; but lack of love as well.  The infant is wiser than we are.  He is not confused (as we are) about what he needs.  The Israelites believed they could replace the Love of God with love of flesh. Can we claim to be any different?  We are no longer infants living on mother’s milk.  We too, are all ‘grown-up’ but none the wiser than people of the past. 


From the CD, Healing…

‘We expect God to zap everything wrong in our lives and not to lift a finger ourselves even though we partake into all the problems of our lives! We blame Him:  ‘Why does God not lift a finger?’

But God said, Ask and you shall be given; seek and you shall find. You have to want His help.  Because of free will, He will not impose anything on you.  So to begin, you have to ask.

What is despair? Despair is the time in one’s life where nothing comes to make sense; nothing is appealing.  And only death seems to be the answer to their problems. We have to learn to be supportive of one another.

You can’t call on God like dropping a straw into a bottle and drinking from it.  This means you turn to Him one day for help because you are desperate while the next day you go back to your old ways. You have to make an effort.  You have to have peace in your heart.  You have to have love for God and others and make a difference in the world.  So that in you, they know He has come.’

We have no cause to feel superior to people of the past when we are just as blind, deaf and confused about the Remedy when instead we try to satisfy our inner longings for peace and happiness?  What then, are we to do?

If You, Lord, kept a record of sins, Lord, who could stand?  But with You there is forgiveness so that we can, with reverence, serve You.

Because there is forgiveness, we really have no excuse not to face the truth:  that we have all made mistakes.  We cannot point to one group or another and say, ‘The fault is with them!’  The fault lies with each of us.  We are reminded of these words:  Who among you will cast the first stone?  Acknowledging the ‘flag on our play(s)’ is a good beginning.  It’s important not to blame number 29.  Now the part we find challenging:  avoid committing the same error again.   Why, because after so many penalties we finally succumb to the pressure of ‘rules are rules’?  No.  True change can only come when the love we have for ourselves and for others motivates us to make better choices that will benefit everyone; not just ourselves, an individual ‘player’ or our own ‘team’.  The benefit must be for all.  As the Spirit put it so well and so simply:  If anyone loses, nobody wins!  This is a game-changer.

Here is a true story about a man who understood the importance of honesty.  He was a former British MP who served 18 months in jail for perjury.  He explained afterward that it can be our mistakes that define us better than our successes.   He learned that facing the truth could lead to spiritual fullness:  thought and discipline were needed for an honest search toward God’s salvation.  He said, “The spiritual milestones that are effective are as relevant to prisoners as they are to politicians.  Pain is the humbling tool that brings a person into prayer and repentance.” He was reminding everyone that ‘do-overs are needed, and that the health of the inner soul is a deeply personal work that has public effect’. 

If you saw a tornado spinning toward you at this very moment, would you think yourself lucky enough to escape its fury by pinpointing the ‘eye’ of the storm and then jumping in where you would believe you were safe?  You would probably say, ‘Nobody in their right mind would seriously expect to be that lucky!’  Yet this is how many of you live relying on a thin thread of self-preservation believing you could escape the effects of a tornado by hiding within your own egos - the ‘I’ of your storms; while it devastates everyone and everything around you.  This is insanity, man.  Even if you survived without a scratch yourself, eventually (soon) you would have to deal with the effects of the storm:  the injured and the dead; all the destruction around you outside the eye (I) of your self-absorption.  Your life would be changed forever for it is so entwined with the lives of others, those even that you do not ‘see’ for your capital ‘I’ blinds you to them.  You are the storm into their lives by your lack of caring beyond the perimeters of your inward ‘I’.  But all storms eventually wear themselves out.  This is when you will see that you too have been devastated by your instability.  The only escape from the storms within you or externally are through Me for I am Peace in storms.  I am telling you the Truth; for I am Truth.

What is My Truth?  I am the only true Refuge (that you seek not).   Those who seek Me will find Peace.  Alone, you will never find Peace. The eye of the tornado that you seek (by your ego) is a false security as is the ‘I’ in you.  But you are not alone.  I am already within each and every one of you.  I give you My Peace, I leave you My Peace – if you will.  The activation code lies within your will (willingness) to change your ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ to My Help ready and available  within each and every one of you. 

The Spirit told us this in the CD, Love Forever.  This is powerful!

But as I find you many a times for as the willow you will weep and move where the wind will blow, sturdy I am for I am the centre of all storms.  Is it not known to you that the eye of a tornado is a quiet spot?  I am the quiet spot of all tornadoes for within them I await for you to call upon Me to take away all these elements of hatred, slander, dislike, uncaring that you have created among each other.

It is in your sincere yearning to bring love, peace and joy into the lives of others that they too, will know the quiet spot I am within.  Only in wanting for others what you seek for yourself and by working together with others will a true and lasting Peace be forged once and for all.  All dogma, ritual, opinion, and prejudice will soon be replaced by the Truth.  This is the Truth, this is the Peace Code I leave you…Love one another as I have loved you (and continue to love you).  Serve one another by love as I have served you (and continue to serve you).

Peace to you all!  I await your call.  Do not put Me on ‘call-waiting’ indefinitely.  For, you know not the time or day of My Return.

Your Heavenly Father






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