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Response to: Is the Mission Over?


In the CD, Love Forever, the Spirit says,

You must reach out to one another as I now reach out to you for the time is running short for you to make amends as forever is for purity and achievements of love.  Love is forever.  Do you not wish to live forever?  Be forever as I am, forever loving others, forever in the measure of Eternity pleasing to all of mankind.  Remember My children, in the Kingdom of Heaven there are no weaknesses for strength is love and love is an embrace to all of God’s Creation.  You are brothers and sisters.  You are the arms of the Father [not the armchairs!]  Are the arms not part of your body?  You are the members of My Father’s body in Whom I am.  Therefore, you are gods because you are part of the God.  But the mind, the Master-mind as the Trinity:  the Father above all things, the Son and the Holy Spirit; you are part of the body of Eternity for eternal I am.

Therefore, bring not ‘parts’ to the body of God:  parts with failures.  Failures are refusal (not to obey); but to receive love and to live by such forever.  Love is forever.  Forever I am.

How much have YOU accomplished during your earthly life?  Have you done ‘enough’?  And what is ‘enough’ when the world is still so wanting in love? Do you ask, ‘How much must I give?’  The answer is ‘all’.  Whatever you give, give with love and love will transform the less into more; the ordinary into something extra-ordinary; something natural into something super-natural as witnessed in the transubstantiation of bread into My Eucharist. 

Remember, in the Book you read in John’s account:  ‘Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.’ Love to this degree.  Has your own mission achieved this much?  If no, then your mission is not over.  His Mission is not over.  The Mission is not over.  For, they must all be entwined in Love and progress together as one in order to release Heaven on earth.

Love must leap off the pages (that you all are) and inscribe such a Love upon each heart that the whole world will be filled with joy; and immediately all sorrows will vanish.  Come, My page and serve others in My Image and Resemblance until all has been transformed to the likeness of Love, Joy, and Peace.

Again in Love Forever the Spirit says,

Would you not seek to be sought by all the people of the earth – not for your looks, not for the gifts that you have but for the love that you bring?  As such, I send you.  For, as such I came into the world with My Mother and the many that have preceded you before.  Have you so much impact into the lives of others?  Have you so much ‘reach’ into the hearts of others as I now come into yours on this Sabbath to fill you to the brim with the fullness of Heaven, if only in the short moment that you will allow Me to love you? 

Yet I seek to love you forever.  Do you love Me?  Feed My sheep.  Smile unto those who do not smile.  Reach out to those that you reach out not to.  Love with your eyes, the eyes of your heart.  For the dead that bury the dead are those who love physically and have no knowledge of love.  And love I am.  No house, no home, no family can function unless love is within.  And love I am. 

I come to fill the structure of your carcasses (without My Father):  to give you life; to take away death from you.  I come to fill you with the Wisdom of He that is forever lasting.  Have you not any measure of knowledge that you have received for these ten years of Wisdom that I give unto you daily as you hear now and you shall hear forever if such is your desire.  As such I will make you, I will make you become, I will make others seek you as you seek My Wisdom, as I bring unto you the force of the Love of My Father. 

It was said, carved into the heart of this messenger of love (that I give you in a servant), that My Father and I will pour so much Love over the world that the world will surrender with desire.  They shall hunger for the Wisdom of eternity, the splendour of forever.  For forever is love.  And Love I am.  Love is forever…

The Whole of Me I bring unto you by the way of a servant – one who seeks for you to know Who I am.  For, I have come to manifest Myself in the presence of service unto you.  I have depleted one of the physical living life upon Earth but to fill one measure by measure of the spiritual life of My Kingdom; that brings unto you day by day, second by second, week by week, moment by moment only for the reaching for the full measure of Wisdom that provides by He Who sent Me…

I come to you always.  And remember, every word that you hear from Wisdom has many sides to it.  As I say unto you, ‘I come to you always – all the time and in every way.’  When you come to know the fullness of My Love – even out of one word, I will make you hear two in your heart.  It is how much I love you.  It is why, My children that not many could understand at first, the Wisdom of the parables that becomes into the heart because they have not the fullness of the Spirit within to comprehend the measure of Love.

Is it not so, My children that when love fills your heart you could look at someone without a word, and they know your love?  Imagine with the words accompanied by the love within the heart.  Every sentence becomes a story –real into the hearts of those that you love.  It is not merely to say, ‘I love you’ but it is mostly to love, without words.  As you reach out to each other’s heart many a time become depleted for you found nothing.  But you cannot look for something that you know not.  But what you feel for a need, you must offer to others in order to find it coming to you.

The Spirit has given us thousands of messages and miracles throughout the ages unto today.  They are powerful and enhance our understanding that ‘He lives!’ and that He loves us so much. The emptiness we sometimes feel within us signifies that we do not always recognize the Spirit in our own lives.  But in bringing hope to others we diminish our own emptiness by witnessing the new-found hope in them.  This re-generates our own hope.  

We are all looking for something ‘new’, something ‘fresh’.  The Spirit knows this and so He gives us something new every day whether in words, miracle photos, or in the wisdom revealed within each and every heart.  He wants us to share all our gifts.  Imagine the chain-reaction when people recognize the gifts, the treasures they have within.  He wants our ‘treasure chests’ to burst open with the light of joy and hope we share with one another!   

You who have been re-newed by feeding on My Word (Love), I now send you as the hope (chest) of others.  Be the ‘something new’, ‘something better’ that they seek so that they too recognize the gold they are to Me. 

And as My servant, John, said long ago to those asking him what their mission was, ‘Love. Love. Love. If necessary, use words.’

I have blessed you all with the power to love as I love!

The Spirit







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