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Response to: Is the Mission Over?

Part 1

The Spirit would say to Roger, Just because I speak to you, doesn’t mean I favour you.  You too must live as a person in the world, with the same struggles and heartaches for others to come to know that I do not favour you.  But through these struggles, if you listen to Me, I shall guide you through all of it.  Then others shall learn that nothing is impossible.

We can all understand these words today for we all take part in the many struggles of daily life.

You are all in the habit of looking to others for the ‘permanent sign’ of hope that will end your own despair.  But, I have told you many times that you are all responsible for one another.  You asked Me, ‘Am I my brother’s (sister’s) keeper?’  Again, yes you are.  Notice I say ‘you’ are.  I did not name others when speaking to you.  Likewise, I do not mention you to ‘Henry’, ‘Juliet’, ‘George’, ‘Leigh’, or all My other children when speaking directly to them.  I call upon YOU to make a difference in the lives of others.

Neither did I put the weight of brotherhood (sisterhood) on any one set of shoulders but to be a holy reminder to all of you of God’s power within each of you.  For, the Trinity of Whom I am and the Blessed Mother are One by Love as a Reminder and a Help to you (all living) equally, be you ‘sinner or saint’ in the world’s view so that together as We do, so also can you all do through Us, your Helpers. 

I speak to one; yet, I speak to all My many you’s (ewes).  I speak to all My sheep.  This is My justice for I do not condemn anyone.  As such, the Scriptures speak of My Love for all – including non-believers.  How, you may wonder could the Scriptures be meant for those outside your own faith?  How do these ‘outsiders’ (so named by your pride) receive My message of Love without the Book?  Listen to the answer already being formed within you initiated by your interest in what you read here.

Is the Mission over?  Has all been accomplished?  Is the world of today so full of hope, peace and love as My Father has promised it would be that you can say (as I did) ‘It has been accomplished?’   If ‘no’, then what have you failed to do?  Have you withheld love from those who seek Me in you?  It is your response (or lack of it) that will determine the length of man’s time of tribulation.  Are you preparing a place for Me?  Or are you waiting for love to walk in the door? I seek to create Heaven on earth through you by your love and care for one another.  But, I will not do it for you.  This is your mission.  Therefore ‘the Mission’, your mission is not over for there is much to do.

Remember, you are My arms into the world.  Are your arms (hearts) already weary of loving others by the skimpy deeds of your life?  I say ‘skimpy’ because you measure the time you spend in loving others by minutes and hours.  Even time with Me in Adoration is measured as sixty minutes; that like the TV show ‘60 Minutes’ is but an hour of your time.  Yet, you spend so much more than sixty minutes in front of your ‘smart’ TV’s.  You are too busy taking care of your own business and forgetting about My Father’s. Self-interest will prolong the time of My Return for I left you not alone but with the Helper, the Spirit so that you could activate the Word by your presence in the lives of others. 

You have received much.

You are My promise of hope in the world.  Yet what have you given?  And was it given by love?  It is not enough merely to ‘give’; for without love, there is no value in your offering – just a cost to those who seek your love and find it not.  You have read in the Book that without love, even though you are able to speak like an angel, you are but an ‘empty’ gong – noisy, yes; but ineffective.  No one will approach a noisy gong if the sound has no purpose.  A dinner bell alerts people that the meal is about to begin.  Imagine the dismay of the hungry if it beckoned them to an empty table. In the same way, empty words create greater want in alerting others to your own hollowness; when I ask you to draw the world by holiness.  Ring true.  My sheep will run to you to be fed.  It is through you that I call them to feed upon Me.

Love can transform a crumb that is given with love into a feast for the soul.  So it was in the multiplication of loaves.  For, love made it possible to feed five thousand.  You will also recall the widow who gave everything she had in the form of a few coins; while the rich gave many, many coins which were as nothing from their over-flowing coffers of greed not earned but ‘stolen’ from the hands of the beggars and the poor:  the widows and the children who believed in those who claimed to be God’s voice in the world.  This was usury!  For, they had no love for the people.  They had only self-love as represented by the width of the borders of their garments.

This is what is meant by, ‘The poor you will have with you always.’  Why, because you do not ‘care’ to care for them – if only by a smile to give hope.  One who spoke on My behalf told you this.

‘For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man who looks at his natural face in a mirror; for once he has looked at himself and gone away, he has immediately forgotten what kind of person he was.  But one who looks intently at the perfect law, the law of liberty and abides by it; not having become a forgetful hearer but an effectual doer:  this man shall be blessed in what he does.

If anyone thinks himself to be religious and yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this man’s religion is worthless.  This is pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father:  to visit orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained by the world.

Do not create confusion for My sheep by being other than what I am to be in youRe-present Me to those who seek My Love.  And yet, is not the whole world looking for love?  The work is great but the workers are few.  Why - when I have given you so much (everything)?   Why then do you keep the ‘poor’ among you waiting when you could infiltrate the world with the virus of love?  
It is an offense to Me when you withhold the treasures I have blessed you with from the needy that surround you.  For, you have received all from My Father and He and I are One.  Never claim that what you have, was created by you – even if you earned it.  All was provided by Me.  Being a true ‘captain’ of the fortune, you have received from Me requires you stop guarding and protecting these gifts from others and instead, assure that others receive a share.  Those who are storing up treasures for themselves are acclaiming themselves to be ‘gods’ in the way of the Pharaohs who filled their storehouses while others starved. 

I have given you much.  Retaining superfluous amounts in excess of your needs is an offense to the Holy Spirit Who has provided for all equally.  You have been told that cursing the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven:  not in this world and not in the next.  Many of you are at this ‘crossroads’ now:  whether to continue on the self-serving path you are on now or to change your course by serving others. 

The work is great.  The workers are few.

No single ‘you’ is the designated ‘saviour’ of the world.  For, you all are to become as I.  You are all to become ‘rogers’ (yes’s) unto Me for in CB language ‘roger’ means ‘Yes’.  Stop awaiting luxury and ‘room’ service for yourselves; or ‘tomb’ service as the Egyptians did by believing their ‘god-ship’ would continue into the after-life. I call upon you now to serve others who await Me in you for this is how they will come to know Me.  As My humble servant has often told you, ‘Take away the burden of My having to judge you,’ for I will be there at your finish line.

Do you await My return when it is within your own grasp to be I am (Love) in all that you do – no matter how small, or how grand according to your human estimation?  This is how I shall return:  through you.  I am the Gate and all who enter by Me shall be saved.  I have also told you that they shall go in and out and find pasture.  Therefore, be not afraid.  Be brave for I am with you always.

Do not sit on your hands or use them to point out the flaws in others; or point at those you have indicted for not doing their part.  Remember that there is not one among you who could not have done more.  Why then do you cast the first stone?

Do not waste time wringing your hands in fear when I have told you ‘Fear not!’  Merciful deeds and loving actions are born of hope.  Where is yours for I have been with you these many, many years and you have testified that you believe? 

Great expectations you have of others as you settle into your armchair of despair like great crocodiles crying for yourselves, crying for the world as though you had no arms, no legs, no mouth to make a difference. But I believe in you to make a difference.  Rise with I, your Lord. Now when you cry do so with others to diminish their pain.  It is then that you will become living water unto them. As such, your own dryness (pain and hopelessness) will be diminished as their tears of joy from having been loved by you, wets your own dryness.

You are to be the drop of water (that you so long for yourself) to a desert people.  Yet, how can you share what you don’t have.  For, you yourselves are dry.  There are many awaiting your drop of water to begin the new era:  an Era of more water and more light.  For the living waters and the Light I am in you must be brought forth and shared with the many depending on you for hope – those even more depleted, more unloved; the ones that man has made invisible by thinking only of his own needs. 

At the time of John (the Apostle) the people complained that he preached the same thing every week.  The message was to love God and to love others as themselves.  He told them that when they had learned the first lesson, they could proceed to the second.

Many of you have been watered for many years having read and listened to My many messages through one humble servant who laid down his life for My sheep. 

Even he (a humble servant) was asked why the message seemed the same.  And My response was the same; when you have learnt the first lesson then we shall move onto the next.  First love one another as I love you.  Once you have learnt this then we can move onto the next for already in loving one another as I love you, it shall have been accomplished. 

And do not do it because you have to for even without a true smile of love on your face for the one in front of you while a ‘good deed’ is done is like a fruitless tree for no good fruit are born from a loveless gesture. 

Remember it is not ‘them’ or ‘people’ who do not seem to understand, for only when love is born in your heart for them can understanding take place.  Are you not happy in loving them?  Why does it seem that you are an unhappy follower of Me when you have received so much to be happy for?

You have received much. From those who have received much, much will be expected.  It is time for you to feed My sheep by becoming green pastures and running brooks for them.  I will lead them through you.  But you must become the living scriptures to all.  How else will they come to know of Me?






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