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Part 2 - He is already within all of us and in our children.

The Lord made a covenant with his people in ancient times and had ordered them, Do not worship other gods; do not bow down to them or serve them! But they refused to obey his instructions, they did not keep the Covenant He had made with their ancestors, and they disregarded His Warnings. They worshiped worthless idols and became worth ‘less’ (less worthy) themselves.  They disobeyed the Lord’s command not to imitate the surrounding nations and instead followed their customs of human sacrifice of even sacrificing their own children. Later, some from surrounding nations also worshipped the Lord, but they continued to worship their own gods as well and to this day their descendants (us) continue to do the same.

What is so disturbing is that even after many thousands of years (and we claiming to know so much) today we look past our own children so blinded are we by the false light of our own ‘reason’ and the false flame of our burning desire for demonstrations beyond our own children as if only they could be foolproof demonstrations of God’s Love for us.  We fail to see the gifts laid before us and fail to recognize that God is standing before us in them. 

The Spirit has said, If anyone causes one of these little ones, those who believe in me to stumble, even by their bad example - it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

We couldn’t possibly be so cruel as to intentionally hurt these little ones, could we?  Could it be insanity that drives us to it?

And still, we fail to see what is right in front of us, under our very own noses. 

What do you think would happen if you were driving a car and you responded to traffic lights two intersections away rather than the one right in front of you?  You could crash; you and others could be hurt; or perhaps even die.  Afterward, people would ask, ‘How could he (she) not see?’  And your answer (if you survived) would have to be, ‘I wasn’t paying attention.  I was distracted.’  We have many laws in place to prevent distracted driving, but we still do it - why?  Because if we don’t care, there is no law that can protect others from us.  Laws will never replace caring.

How many times does God have to appear and reappear before we say ‘yes’?  Why do you look elsewhere? I am already with you!  I am within you for…I am.  Isn’t already being in the shelter of His Love enough?  But although He is with us remember too that the door isn’t going to open on its own.  Knock and the door shall be opened.  While some are out chasing Him over every hill and dale, are some of us conveniently waiting for God to come to us? 

He came for us once.  And He remains. 

Do we remember that He is in the Mass?  Isn’t the Mass enough?  How many countless times has He offered Himself to us in the Mass as the Living Presence in the Eucharist, beckoning us to come forward and receive Him?  He has given us the whole of Himself through His Blood and His Body…His very Life so that He might continue as the Life within us; thereby removing death to make us equal to the angels.

At the Last Supper when He offered His apostles the bread and the wine, Jesus said, Do this in memory of Me.  He sent them forth with a mission as His friends, not His servants.  But He also showed them what friendship really meant.  He wanted them (us) to serve others by love as our equals, our friends.  In a true friendship one is neither greater nor lesser.  On Good Thursday He gave them bread and wine and on Friday He gave His Flesh and His Blood so that His friends might live forever.

The Spirit has given us a beautiful message in the DVD, Pentecost.  It was on Pentecost that Roger first heard the Spirit speak to him…25 years ago in 1989. 

He wanted us to remember that when we celebrate with someone, it is the whole of ourselves that we give them.  So as He gave up His Flesh and His Blood upon the Cross for us, we must do the same.  He gave up in His Blood, all of His creation to us.  God became the Blood of everything that we receive upon earth.  This is why He said, You cannot live of bread alone. 

So the Blood of Christ flows into all of Creation that anything we touch is the Body of Christ, sacred as such that we cannot waste it.  And this is why when we look at each other we are also looking that God created us, that God is alive inside of us, suffering in our trials, in all that we have.

You are so sure that the Gate will be never be locked to you.  But do you know the time of My Return?  Of your own death?  Are you ‘playing the odds’? You have been mis-in-formed by your own prideful godhead.  Are you planning to continue as you are, sure that at the final moment of life you will be able to access My Mercy by confessing all to My priest at your decided hour?  Even if this were possible (which it isn’t) only I can see everything. 

Only I see all that you have failed to do for others by pride, neglect or uncaring.  All rely on My Grace to be forgiven for your many sins of omission.  So it is not just your crimes against Love, Justice and Peace that will judge you but your many non-actions as well when you see how you could have alleviated the suffering of others but did not. Someday, all will stand before Me either by their love or by their fear.  These will reveal you. 

I am already within your heart so become not dis-heartened from Me.  I am with you in your contrition to show you how to be better.  I cannot forsake an honest and contrite heart.  And remember, no one finds righteous Peace without Me.  Pray with humility as this man did.

Do not withhold Your Mercy from me, Lord; may Your Love and Faithfulness always protect me.  For troubles without number surround me; my sins have overtaken me, and I cannot see.
They are more than the hairs of my head, and my heart fails within me.  Be pleased to save me, Lord; come quickly, Lord, to help me.

In the Garden of Gethsemane on Good Thursday Jesus prayed to the Father for us,

While I was with them, I kept them safe by the power of Your Name, the Name You gave Me. I protected them, and not one of them was lost, except the man who was bound to be lost—so that the scripture might come true…I pray not only for them, but also for those who believe in Me because of their message…Father! You have given them to Me, and I want them to be with Me where I am, so that they may see My Glory, the Glory you gave Me; for You loved Me before the world was made.

Yesterday in the news they featured a Manitoba sheep farmer.  With all the rain in his community this year, some of his sheep were developing hoof rot. The soil was full to the brim with moisture and there was nowhere for it to drain.  The farmer showed the condition of one of the sheep’s hooves.  As he held it up for the camera, you could see how soft it was and that it was breaking up.  The farmer said that this leg was ‘no good’ anymore.

He went on to explain that the only way hooves remain healthy is on a hard surface.  Take that away, and the end of the flock is inevitable.  He said he had already put down one of his sheep.  He struggled to keep away the tears when he said this.  The pain of his heart was visible when he turned to the camera and said, ‘Do you know what it’s like to have to kill one of your own sheep?’  And he wept.  He made a decision to take his herd to the municipal road (the high ground) near his pasture to save his sheep.  We can well imagine what the public officials would say!  But this sheep farmer (father) decided to save his flock for he could not bear the thought of losing even one. 

This is how God loves us.  God’s Love is for all of us.  The apostles were not more important to Jesus than we are today.  He wants all of us to remain in Him.  If we ask Him to and remain close, He will look after us and keep us from all harm.  As the Spirit has often told us, I know My sheep – the wink of one, the wool of the other.  It is beautiful how well He knows us all and how much He loves us!

Then as now the prophecy is being fulfilled.  After Jesus had been betrayed, He said to the Roman soldiers and the temple guards, I am the One you are looking for but let these others go!  He said this so that what He had said might come true: Father, I have not lost even one of those You gave Me.  And Jesus went ahead to complete the Father’s Will to save all that was His.

Are there many sheepherders among us today with hearts like Jesus?  Let us remember His many priests who said ‘yes’ to becoming one and the same in Him.  They understand that Jesus does not want to lose even one that belongs to Him. 

Whether you know it or not, you were all designed to be My living structures of Love for your children, for the whole of creation rather than an impediment to their knowing Me.  Become as a contact point for Love to flow in the direction of others.  They will be ‘shocked’ and say, ‘See how much she (he) has changed!’  Then you will no longer be just yourself as just Sara, just John, just Ahmed or just Lisa. 

Only in becoming reborn in I am - will you be truly just and merciful.  Only then can you say in all honesty…I am Gwen, I am John, and so forth.  As such, you become married to the Truth to become one in I am.  I am + you.  Then you will be magnified to My Likeness when you allow me to re-present My Truth, My Love and My Mercy to the world through you.  As such, your joy (which will be a reflection of theirs) will be complete.  You will find rest now that you have become My holy vessel of Love to those who seek My Love (My eternal Light) within you. 

Allow Me to super-charge you with My Love to become the spark of Love unto others.  I will bring you those who are suffering and honour them with My Presence in you. 

When two people are suffering together, they are honouring Me; provided that one suffers for the suffering of the other and that the other one’s suffering is diminishing by the love of that one. (DVD, Pentecost)

Have you been ‘hit hard’ by My Divine Message of Love for you today?  Does it feel like a blow to the chest?  Personal?  My Message is meant for you and it is for everyone.  Sometimes an electric shock is what is required when a heart has stopped beating.  The currency, the fee I paid for you was My Love. Remember, My Love Current is strong enough to raise the dead to life beginning by your own ‘sleeping’ hearts.

My Peace be with you! 

The Spirit which is Love only






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