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The Truth about Self-Determination (Our Declaration of Independence)

The Spirit has written these words for a great purpose (our salvation) and has asked that His Message of Love for all people be shared with you, the reader today.  For what good is receiving if we don’t share with others?

He begins by telling us (Christians) to stop making ‘gods’ of ourselves. 

When He spoke about the width of embroidery on the long robes of the priests so long ago, it was a metaphor for ‘pride’.  Even up until today it is still often pride that motivates us.  If we can admit this, we are at least being honest in this.  If we can’t admit this, then we can add dishonesty to our sin of pride.  For there is no one living without some degree of pride (sin). 

We do not know the ‘degree’ of pride in ourselves but it is more than we think.  The Spirit says, It is time to shorten your garments by cutting off the embroidery and become like Me.  Become a humble servant, meek, mild, and joyful in the service of others.

Jesus did not call Himself God.  He said He was One, in the Father…since the Beginning.  He could have called Himself a High Priest, but He didn’t.  He was often referred to as the Good Shepherd but He did not refer to Himself in this way; He referred to Himself as the Gate.  Not a very prestigious title - in the world’s way.  ‘Sheepherders’ and ‘gates’ were so common at the time.  Wasn’t He supposed to be a King?  Jesus took what was common and ordinary and made it remarkable by showing everyone the divine possibilities of common things when animated by God’s Spirit

So if even Jesus did not bask in His Son-ship with the Father and take advantage of His Position of oneness with the Father, how can we when we as Christians say we ‘know the Father’?  The title is one thing; but to come as He comes, as a person in Christ Who is One with the Father is quite another thing because we all have a degree(s) of separation from God by sin.  So we are not completely one with Him yet.

Can you imagine if we could say as Jesus said, Whoever knows Me, knows the Father? 

How many degrees of separation are there between us and God?  Are we close enough to say we really know Him?  How foolish we are to bask in our own glory or the worship of others for the little we do.  For though we think we are great, we remain little shadowy figures when we could shine all together as His full spectrum of Light.

As the Son, Jesus could have lazed around basking in His Father’s Glory.  It’s what some of His followers expected Him to do once they established Him as their earthly king.  They expected Jesus to take advantage of His position with His Father.  And then they in turn would use Him and make themselves rich in the process.  They would become His puppeteers and then every knee would bend (to them). 

We too use, depend and rely heavily on the praise of others to get what we want but the ‘glow’ that is powered by pride in having made little gods of ourselves and others doesn’t last long.  Soon the itch is there again because the glow of praise fades fast.  And soon we are cold, forgotten and alone again until our pride prompts us (uses us) to do something else to bring back the glow.  For the alternative of being unnoticed, of being ordinary seems dull. Unless we are noticed what would others say - perhaps nothing?  Do we rely on others as proof of our own existence?  No limelight = no life? 

What’s really going on with all the basking and over-heating going on?  Well, pride’s light is blinding, so our eyes are shut.  So what we can know for sure has to come from another source.  That’s where the Spirit comes in.  The Spirit is patient and wants to teach us.  But we are blind, impatient and maybe deafened by the praise of others as well.  But even though we may be deaf, dumb and blind - the Spirit never stops teaching, reproving and showing us the Way to true peace, true happiness.

The Spirit reminds us that, There is no one without sin.  That is an uncomfortable eye-opener for anyone who believes they ‘can do no wrong’ or brag, ‘I did it my way!’  But how do we stop basking in the false light and start living in the true Light?

We know that good and evil both exist.

The Spirit has said, We must remember that the Roman Empire was a gladiator-ship that sought to rule the world by force.  Yet through the apostle-ship, Christ has permitted to enter, as He does enter through the most wicked one; to tame them down to give hope to the lesser that all things could be changed by Him.  

In the movie, King of Kings, someone says, ‘Evil and good exist, as do light and dark.  Evil exists to show us how to become better.’  And we are also told we can’t sit back at a safe distance and wait for good to happen.  We must reach out and help our enemies. Yes, you heard right.  Even the Book doesn’t always say ‘neighbour’.  The Book tells us, ‘But if your enemy is hungry, feed him, and if he is thirsty, give him a drink.’  After this first stumbling block, there is another.

Who are our enemies when we ourselves are proud, boastful and without charity?  Let’s put away the obvious culprits:  those who injure us, steal from us, hate us, spread false rumours; and so on and so on.  When we are proud, an enemy is simply anyone who stands in the way of what we want.  Again the ‘big’ ones at the top of the ladder are the usual suspects:  lust, money, fame and power. 

But even those of us who haven’t been able to clamber to the top rungs to claim the lime-light, will settle for a lesser shine like simple flattery and recognition from friends, colleagues and family. There are plenty of opportunities to win the approval of others within the everyday lives and schedules of anyone needing an on-going source of a personal sense of godhood so we scurry around for ‘shiny’ things as squirrels do.  Unlike squirrels who can store tin foil or nuts  it is impossible to store up praise and glory because the effect of glory fades quickly and so we are always running for fresh rewards and titles like ‘smart’, ‘holy’, ‘efficient’, ‘sexy’, ‘superwoman’, ‘superman’, ‘doctor’, ‘reverend’, and so on.  Man’s ways of seeking praise are so numerous that he must run endlessly to achieve it. 

Only pride would foolishly boast that we can do anything on our own; for Wisdom advises, ‘Let him who boasts, boast of the Lord.’  God offers us a share in His Godhood as His children through His only-begotten Son.  It is why we were created.  He invites us to enter by the Gate.

The Gate has never been locked; nor has anyone been prevented from entering through the Gate.  Sneaking in some other way except by the gate however, will not be tolerated for that one comes in as a thief looking to disrupt or for personal gain.  Some who enter in by the Gate choose to leave again.  For these, the sheepfold is too small for their greatness.  Later they sneak out or jump the Gate to look for a larger venue to showcase their talent and achieve the limelight.

What attracts (distracts) is the brash light of fame and individualism.  Turning their backs on the true Light they rush towards the blinding light unable to see the perils lying ahead.  The flaming Heart of Jesus that provided true shelter and peace has been replaced by the opportunistic cravings of a confused, self-serving heart.  As with Lyme disease, the deadly bacteria of pride (Lyme-Light) has infected them.

We are all poor little sheep who have lost our way…baa, baa, baa.  Even we Christians who say we recognize the Gate and know the Way to Him travel all over the world to witness miraculous appearances in far a-way places like Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugore, Marmora and others. 

Not that the apparition sites are not true.  However, many of us go to these sites for our own personal reasons:  sometimes for cures; and sometimes because it makes us look ‘holy’; or sometimes because we become bored with the usual vacation destinations.  The Blessed Mother has said, ‘We appear to those in most need of Our Help, those forgotten and abandoned by the world’ - many of whom are poor, afflicted, and often victimized by political powers through violence or neglect. 

The Blessed visitation serves as an encouragement to the suffering while drawing our attention to this grace amidst human suffering.  It is a call from Heaven for all to take notice and to respond to this call to love by stretching beyond ourselves in order to make a difference in the lives of literally, everyone - to attend to the wounds of our brothers and sisters be they in faraway places or under our own noses.

This is what the Spirit has said about the matter. 

I go to those in most need.  Soon these places become overrun by Christians looking for visible signs in miracles.  They run away from My Church all over the world for these siting’s. 

Or they replace My Mass with their prayer meetings as if there is nothing in My Church of any value.  They seek what they already have in My Mother, the Church and in My Presence within the Holy Eucharist and through My Blood shed for them on the altar of Love.  Do not forget My blessed sons, My priests – no longer themselves but I, in them consecrated by My Touch of Divinity for your salvation.

We are all in great need of love and forgiveness.  Knowing this, Jesus comes to each of us…
where we are.  But if we are looking for spectacles only what kind of example are we setting for our young in running away from the countless visitations under our very noses.






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