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The Weary Traveler

Do you know the story of the ‘weary traveler’? 

There was once a man who went door to door looking for a place to rest but though he knocked and knocked, generally people did not open their doors.  They feared all strangers and considered them to be vagrants and trouble-makers who would rob or hurt them.  More specifically though, there were rumours that this man was dangerous, a dissident and a rebel.  And the authorities kept telling people, ‘You can’t be too careful these days!  Make sure you get references first!’  But he didn’t have the required legal documents and so most people avoided answering their door when he knocked or rang the bell.

A few people did open their doors but his looks were off-putting.  Who was this beggar who had the nerve to leave the curbs and back alleys of the inner-city, of the slums where beggars were supposed to stay?  He had crossed the line in entering their neighbourhoods.  Curbside, they might allow him to wash their windshields or give him a coin or two when he begged for change.  But to come to where they lived – that was breaking the rules of propriety!

A lesser few remembered their faith teachings.  They saw a ‘poor’ who needed help.  What had they been taught?  Oh yeah, ‘Feed My sheep’.  So they gave him a bit of food, a few dollars for bus fare and a quick ‘God bless!’ which translated meant, ‘This is all.  Good-bye.  We have fulfilled our Christian obligation but this is our limit of caring.  After all, we have just followed the scriptures ‘word for word’.’

The one or two who took the time to invite him in to sit at the table with them or to spend a night or two were amazed at the power in the simplicity of his words, at his sincerity and the compassion of his gaze upon them.  Afterwards, they would ask one another, ‘Who was that?  There was something about him.  I don’t know what.’  Then they went on with their busy lives.

Sometimes, seeing a church he would approach the large wooden doors expecting them to be open but they were almost always locked, according to the schedule.  But he would rest on the stairs for a while drawing some comfort from the cold pavement as a momentary, temporary place of rest often sharing his food with the birds that always flocked around him until someone told him to move.  ‘Move on, mister’. 

He wondered if he would ever have a permanent place to rest his head… 

It’s kind of a sad story.

We know that this endless wandering is more than just a story.  There are many ‘poor’ who do not have a permanent address.  Do you recognize the weary traveler?  He (she) could be anyone…Hank, Suzie, Amad, Lee or even a Jesus which is a very common name in some parts of the world. 

Speaking of Jesus, what would He say about this?  Most of us know what He said.  If someone asks for your shirt, give him your coat too.  Kind of scary.  What is the limit of giving?  What if ‘they’ ask for a meal, do you give them the entire contents of your fridge?  Are we afraid of what love will lead to?

And the truth is that we have all reacted to those who come to us for help (even those we call ‘family’ or ‘friends’) with impatience, suspicion, neglect, intolerance and even anger at one time or another.  Does this make us ‘bad’ people?  Let’s just say we’re guilty.  What are we guilty of?  Ignorance, at the very least.  Perhaps fear.  But both excuses can lead us to the other end of the spectrum which is hatred.  What we are really guilty of is being ‘less’ than we were meant to be.  Once that happens, it opens us up to sinking even lower.  Is this what it means to be ‘led into temptation’?  A new idea since we usually blame God for this…And lead us not into temptation.  As if He would.

We know it is wrong to ‘hate’.  Was the weary traveler a friend or a foe?  Remember, Love your enemies?  So I guess it doesn’t matter, does it?  And to add insult to injury (to the proud only) He also said, Turn the other cheek.  This is a clear guideline of how to respond to those who hate us.  Moses said, ‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!’  In this way, he justified revenge.  Then Jesus comes along and contradicts him by saying, Offer the other cheek!

But today aren’t we living according to Moses (‘eye for eye, tooth for tooth’)?  Have we ever crossed over to the New Testament to offer the other cheek or to love your enemies?  God sends Jesus to revise the Law by breathing Life into it (by living it) and we decide the old wineskin is better?  God can’t be happy with this.  It is God that has sent Jesus door to door to offer us His Light and we won’t open our doors (hearts) to Him.

We know that ignorance and lack of trust will eventually (quickly) lead to fear and all of its cousins…prejudice, racism, ageism, sexism, intolerance, judgment and lack of love in general.  These close the door to those seeking us.  How is trust to be built when we don’t even trust our own families, friends, neighbours, even our own government?  We repeat…How is trust built?  Jesus didn’t say, ‘Trust your government, your neighbour or yourself.  Didn’t (doesn’t) Jesus say, Trust in Me? 

What does it mean to trust in Him?  It means we either know Him as the Son of God or we don’t.  So either we’re ignorant of the Truth or we turn our backs on It.  Is one worse than the other?  Let us look at the time of Jesus.

Jesus looked like a beggar and hung around with street people.  He was unrecognizable to many as the Son of God.  But it was not the street people He was unrecognizable to.  No, most of the unbelievers were the religious (priests) of the time.  How could they miss His True Nature?  Were His feelings hurt as a result?  He just answered their mistrust by saying, If you don’t believe Me, fine.  But believe the Words for They are true.  In other words, Even if you have a grudge against Me and want to call Me a liar, there is no way you can deny the Truth of the Spirit in the Words which are God’s.

He tells them, It is you who are lying.  That is why I call you ‘vipers and snakes’.  It is not because I am angry.  It is the Truth and I wish you to know It so that you might change.

The Lord is blunt in saying the truth.  He would tell someone who stole, You’re a thief, but I still love you!  But the human way is to say, ‘You are a thief.  I will never ever trust you again!  You can never come back to my house!’  

Jesus wasn’t a thief or a liar, still the priests definitely didn’t want Jesus speaking in the Temple but they could not keep Him out.  And although many of them denounced Him as a liar and a madman publically, in their hearts they did recognize Who He was.  But in their pride (and fear of losing money, power and fame), they decided to silence the Truth at any cost (thirty pieces of silver).  They had to do it quickly before their lies were found out for they knew that their lies could not fool the people for long and that the Tide (of Truth) would turn against them soon and expose their stain of pride.  Small or big, lies can never prevail against the power of the Truth.  Its transparent simplicity is easily recognized by the humble of heart and the pure of spirit.

Jesus was prophesying about those who would carry the Truth on into the future.  He said, You will be hated for My Sake!  He Himself lived this.  He was treated as the ‘anti-Christ’ rather than Christ by the priests.  Their stumbling block was pride.  Because of pride, they did not recognize Jesus had come to help them.

But many other people did recognize the Truth in Him when He said to them (often), I am telling you the Truth!  By Palm Sunday, the whole neighbourhood came out to greet Him.  The people even hailed Him as their ‘King’ until a week later, when they decided He was only a fake, worse than a murderer and a thief like Barabas and that He was worthy only of a wooden cross and a crown of thorns.

What happened?  First, they invite Him in and then a week later they throw Him out.  The ‘switch’ came quickly.  Like a light switch, ON and OFF.  So what happened?  A power failure? 

They say Jesus lived among the poor.  As much as Jesus wandered throughout the Middle East spreading the Gospel and looking for hospitality, He usually slept outside giving up His place for His apostles so that they might rest.  But Jesus wasn’t just looking for ‘physical’ rest or ‘bread alone’.  He presented Himself to them as the Light giving them the opportunity to witness the Word made Flesh and to become such themselves and to spread the Gospel of His Real Presence to anyone who would listen.  He went to them.  (Do we?)  He didn’t sit on a throne and wait, and wait, and wait in case they might show up.  He went to them as an equal (not as a rich man), for them to know that He was their Friend and that He was approachable even if He was the Son of God. 

He wasn’t looking for the comforts of home.  He was offering them His Comfort where they lived.  He wasn’t looking for a light in the dark so He could find His Way.  He knew where the Light was, where It had always been.  He was the Light that walked among them.  The Light was coming to them, being offered to them.  He went door to door, town to town, district to district offering them the Light that was always present since the Beginning.  You begin to question the notion that people only come to your door because they want something.  Could they be there to bring you something instead?

For thirty years He received instruction on how to empty Himself of self-interest and personal plans (any pride) in order to reveal the Wisdom (Love and Light) of God the Father.  He was completely transparent because everything about Him was true.  He was (is) the Light of Truth showing us all the Way of Mercy and Love. 

I have given you an example so that you should do as I have done to you.

We can compare ourselves to houses.  After all, God calls us His many mansions.  We have also been told that Jesus already dwells within us.  We just need to call upon Him (by turning off our own pride) to activate His Spirit within us.  He is waiting for us to turn His Light ‘switch’ ON.  When the switch is OFF, we are purposely rejecting the Light, choosing the dark instead.  Because of pride we refuse to admit we are blind and in the dark. 

‘On and off’, ‘on and off’ - we waver between hanging on to pride and letting go of darkness.  An intermittent light is not much good because then we are settling for a very brief and temporary benefit of Light.  It is like being blind and then not blind.  Why would we choose darkness again when we have just known Light?  We must be confused.  (It must be the blinking light.)  Maybe if the light was ‘yellow’ we would know to ‘pause’, to be careful.  If it was ‘red’ we would know it was time to ‘stop’ what we are doing in order to get our bearings.  But the intervals of light that we allow are too short to notice anything.

Imagine if the Light within you was on all the time.  You would become a beacon of light as they say…a light-house for others.  From far away, people would be drawn by your stream of Light, your Light-beam, recognizing in you safety…a shelter and true home.  And although they would have to travel through some dark, rough waters along rocky shores, your light would be cast upon the water marking a true and safe way to shore.

Soon they will arrive and it will be up to you to open the door to those drawn by your Light.  As you shine for others, they begin to capture the essence of your light and like prisms they reflect the Light to others for the more the Light is shared, the more it increases and as such It is cast further and further into the deepest night, erasing the blackness that was there and transforming it into a blaze of light, pure and undeniable.

We are certainly all weary travelers looking for comfort, mercy and understanding in one another’s hearts.  Within your little mansion, your little house, dwells the Light (Jesus).  He is ready to receive those beaten by life…the hungry, thirsty and weak (all of us). 

Yes, we are all looking for the hope that Light brings to forget the darkness, forget the past.  Things can be different now.  They can be better.  The Light promises there is no limit as to how much better they can be if we believe and say ‘yes’ to the Light.  Perhaps we remember reading these words.

Again, a new commandment I write unto you, which thing is true in Him and in you: because the darkness is past, and the true light now shines. 

Come to Me, all of you who are weary and needing Rest.  Rest in I, your Lord.  Let I am be the pillow of restfulness beneath your head, a permanent place to rest your head on the Bosom of I, your Lord.

How I seek such in you!  So few there are who invite Me in.  I have told you, ‘Knock and the Door shall be opened to you.’  But you will not do the same for Me.  Why?  Remember it is I that comes to you in the guise of the poor:  the lonely, the sick, the depressed ones and the misguided among you (all of you).  They all hunger for My Love in you.  It is time to make the switch to the ON position for it is through you that they will find My Peace.

The Bridegroom is already within you.  Have you the oil required to light the Lamp of Mercy and Love?  Your ‘yes’ is the oil required to light the Lamp.  ‘No’ separates the oil from the Lamp. How then, can It be lit?

Remember the priests of My time (although My Time is in Forever and therefore, beyond time).  I told them, ‘You are white-washed sepulchers filled with dead men’s bones’.  Are you, My many mansions merely showing a ‘primed’ (white) exterior promising life and light to those who come to you while remaining empty tombs within, like the sepulchers that the Pharisees were?  A sepulcher is nothing more than a tomb where bones lie dormant for a time.  Whereas anything filled with the Spirit lives continually in the Light. 

It is time to throw the switch.  Allow My Light to enter the corners, the crevices of your tomb-like abodes.  Remember, I call you ‘My many mansions’ to remind you of the beautiful abodes you are to be to one another.  I do not call you ‘My many tombs’.  And yet, I reside in the tombs (that you are) as well, waiting to restore Life and Light unto you.  This was prophesied by the manifestation of My Resurrection from the Tomb they (you) placed Me in.  It took many (of you) to roll the massive stone in front of the opening.  No single human could remove the stone and in your vanity still (still as death) you could not imagine anyone getting in or out.

In the Tomb, It was the same Light as in the Beginning, that began to glow within Me, slowly igniting Me to full Light, full Life so that all might see and believe in the Light.  It was the Light that removed the stone (that opened the door).  It was not I that did these things but the Father of the Light Who in His Love for His Son and for you, His many children brought to Life His Promise of Salvation reconstituted in His Son.  This is the Light that will never be put out because it is the Father, and the Father and the Son are one.  One Light, one eternal Flame guiding all of you through the darkness (of your own making) towards the forever Home (Light-House) that awaits you all. 

What was Jesus like?  I did not come as a ‘dark cloud’ prophesying ‘gloom and doom’ as many of you who claim to be My followers do.  I am the Light.  But what was He like to hang around with? 

The Spirit has told us through Roger,

He was fun and spoke so much with His Eyes more than His Mouth.  You knew by looking at Him that He knew everything, so you didn’t have to say anything. 

Because He was a clean Vessel (Body, Mind and Spirit) His Light was able to penetrate any darkness.  Everything was exposed to the Light whether people liked it or not. 

What is your pattern of light (love)?  Is your love bright for a short interval now and then; is it a continuous but weak light.  Or have you substituted the true Light with the all consuming inferno of pride?  As a light-house keeper you must assure that the Light switch stays ON and remains bright for others to see.  A steady bright light signal is what is needed to draw the attention of those who are lost and confused by the dark or the turbulent waves.  A weak light offers no hope and will go unnoticed by the weary and no one will fix their trust on a bright light if it flashes once or twice, then shuts off.  What is required is a permanent sign to those relying on the Light for hope and safety. 

And so, the lamp within must be maintained according to Light-house standards.  Fuel must be in full supply.  The fuel is Love. It is the same oil that lights the Lamp and that lubricates the rusty hinges of our hearts.  When we are fueled by love we can no longer say ‘no’ to the one (many) who knocks on our door no matter his (her) ‘looks’.  Love makes all things possible.  In acknowledging the love within us and saying ‘yes’ to it, we are uninhibited by fear, judgment or anger and able finally to say ‘yes’ to all the weary, hungry and lost travelers drawn by the Light within the mansion of our hearts.

Like a crystal, be open and transparent in your love.  For in order for the beam to be seen you must be as transparent and clean.  Then the Light that is pouring from you will reveal your own cuts etched by suffering to reflect and refract and magnify the Love and Compassion of I, Who was etched upon the Cross of Salvation for all.  Together we can transform our many markings of suffering in the past to create a beautiful pattern of healing and hope as the Salvation for all.

Be not afraid to look at anyone.  Become a true mother, a true father who rejoices to see her or his children no matter what their good deeds or bad ones, their successes or disappointments… treat them all the same.  Be one that mends their little heart by seeking their wound.  Blessed is he who comes in the Name and the Way of the Lord. 

What will we do the next time someone knocks on our door?  Will we look through the peephole first to decide which one is worthy and which one is not?  Remember what He said.  I will come as a thief in the night, meaning…when you least expect it.  What guise will He wear?  Will He come as a High Priest with wide embroidery? 

Like the Pharisees (the proud) do you judge by ‘looks’ and like they, do you refuse to see by the heart?  Those who do so do not love others.  They love only themselves.  Who do you love?  Many of you profess to love your enemies while you slander, ignore and hate those I send to you.  You condemn when you do not understand.  My Son called Himself a gate and you call yourself ‘educated’, even ‘pastor’ and ‘father’. 

I am the Gate, I am the Way, I am the Light. 

My Son spoke of Himself as a Way to go through, not a pastor. Enter by the Light.  The Light will guide you to the Way, the Gate which awaits your entry.  And you know what to do when you get there for He has already told you many times, ‘Feed My sheep.  Look after them.’  The Good Shepherd knows His sheep…the wool of one, the wink of the other and the distinct bleating of each.  He loves them all. He knows them all.  And they know Him. 

I address you by saying, ‘Become as naked before one another.  Remove your outer garments (your titles by pride).  They cast a deep shadow but even this immense darkness caused by your blindness.  Blindness can not put out or subdue the Light that awaits but your ‘switch’ to the ON position.  For in turning ON the Light within, you are at the same time turning OFF pride.  This is the only way.  It is My Way.  Let it be ours, together.

And don’t forget to smile.  A smile is an escaping ray of the sunlight (Son’s Light) you hold within.  It will be easier for others to recognize the light within if they catch a glimpse of My Son’s Shine, Sunshine upon your face.  This will make it easier for others to come forward. 

Greet them with a smile first, and then invite them into the fullness of Light that you have become as the home of the Lamp…the Light-house fueled by your ‘yes’ and ignited by My Flame of Love that will never ever go out.

This is what it means to ‘Come in My Name’.

Your Master Who lives in you…




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