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When Will The Hour Come?


What Colour Is Canada?

The Lost Children


What is Christianity?

Thank You to the Readers!


If we ask you, "How do you like Canada", what would you say?

The Difference Between Euphoria & a Radical


Our budget for the family of Canada

What is Canada all about?


Colonization and Evangelization

A nation within a nation - yes or no?


A message to northern ontario

Who were the europeans who came to the Americas?


Seasons greetings to all our aboriginal friends from White Eagle Cloud and the PPP

Good news from the Good Shepherd


The power of the flock

trading places


God bless the Americas

healing to all nations


hiroshima Canada

Rich against poor: a new form of racism begins


Meegwich to the Thundervoice

healing for the nation has begun


where do we go from here?

Who am i? What am I? I am universal.


Have you ever contemplated suicide?

residential Schools: Are they gone forever?


which of the two is greater: heckling or silence?

"Whose side are they on?" you may say.


rebuilding the family: a conference

a shipwreck was found to have saved the world


cleaning the air

influencing the mind


applying the conventional medicine to all ailments

rogers-cantel has no customer service


Chaos in Education - a letter

A letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper


a letter to Dennis fentie, Premiere of the Yukon Territories

A letter TO Mr. Garth Turner


a letter to Mr. Larry Bagnell

incredible news


A Letter to Elections Canada



are we right or the left or the center? should we add below? I'd rather say "from above".

how do we propose changes without destroying anyone in the process?


Are you ready?

where is canada going?


do teachers and preachers believe what they say?

new policies for housing authorities of Canada


how fast is the response to 911?

the hour has come


discussing the future of Winnipeg: should we not discuss the future of the people instead?

manitoba "spirited Energy", a citizen's letter to the mayor


a gift for those contemplating ruining their lives & that of others

an invitation to pro-life & pro-choice


Where is the Era of PeacE?

Living in the Divine Will or knowing the divine will


to all women of the world, bearers of humanity

does god need us to achieve his Will, his Divine Will?


the leaf in the wind

how do you reach the top, never leaving the bottom?


was jesus a dreamer, a radical, a troublemaker or a politician?

looking for work & have no qualifications? Let us help you with your resume.



the story of a wishful farmer


world top position offer

what does the resume of God look like?


failure of the churches prophesied by Jesus

ending terrorism


did you know that the captain of a ship must sink with his ship in distress, unless everybody is saved?

fear of the Lord


An ocean in a water puddle

parable, parable, parable


People's Political Power

peace to justice


to all preachers of the world & Churches

Are Statistics true?


the crow's nest: an investment fun

is there a god or is he a failure of approving divorce, with a certificate of failure?


Is the ppp a dictatorship, a democracy, freedom or atheism? we want you to know.

self worshipping is evil worshipping


do you know how you could build canada, you who reads this?

o Canada

July 1, 2006


what is a father & how does a father begin?

the transformation of a heart in prison: the life story of perry antoine continues


are we creating terrorists? if yes, how?

Proper upbringing for a nation of peace


Close to you

June 4, 2006

June 4th: day of understanding

June 4, 2006


How do we change the world?

June 4, 2006

can and will the world change?


how can we achieve peace without wars?


Who was Da Vinci & what is left of the last supper?

Riel & Jesus


Invitation to the Media

answers to a conflict between the Church & the people


A Manitoba Billboard issue in the museum of human rights

The meaning of Life


People's Political Power Party of Canada is Alive!

Is Religion Politics?


a response to "Rebel Priest Excommunicated"

is the story of adam true?


the first will be last & the last will be first

the promise is being kept


Is Good Friday a farewell to God?

The Hour Draws Near


a note from Roger Poisson

April 6, 2006

a letter from an American soldier in Iraq


Superpower: Wisdom or force?



inner conversations



is there a god?



can we cheat & extend valentine's day to 365 days of the year? why not?

the building of a family without the restrictions as to how big it can be


how to protect canada & make it become its meaning: a place of unity

the future of a child


To my sweetheart

how do you find a new job?


Fortune telling or Prophecies?

the liberal aftermath - after hiroshima


world sports news

the aftermath of a shock


Narrow is the Path but all fit in

Message from the Lord January 23, 2006, 12:19PM EST

January 23, 2006


The Gentiles

the two sides of the coin & how many coins are there?


what you are to know about communism & capitalism

To the people in power: not the politicians but the voters


Communism vs. capitalism: who is the referee

in a time of confusion, is everything truly negative?


The green pastures of Kyoto: "Mary wanna tell us something?"

CBC asks questions for a forum on two topics, healthcare & Crime


No Fault INsurance

Is CBC & Peter Mansbridge a totally Liberal organization?


The Evil Empire

a severe warning to all politicians, namely the liberals & the treasury board president


Has Paul Martin Gone Insane?

More Scandals Unfold


They all come to the bait

Who Do We Vote For?


Corruption in Canada

The blue mountain (mt. sinai)

January 1, 2006


Beginning of a new era confirmed by mt. sinai

January 1, 2006

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