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Three Days Before Christmas, Are You ready?

December 22, 2005


Did god create mohammed or buddha or jehovah or jesus or any big prophet?

A message to the ukraine


Are we against the liberals?

the twelve days of christmas


abortion: a subject few like to hear about, much less the aborted one

gay marriages; supposedly to mean "happy" marriages.


you have a right to know: famed mag says we're a mess



Which of the two is the traitor?

election for Canada


(as we call) politicians or chief of police vs. incompetence, racism or stupidity

healing canada without extra cost


The relationship between the mission and the ppp

should canada separate from quebec?


if we test students, why don't we try the teachers?

crime stopper


does ten years change a reporter from caring to prestige?

whatever happened to the missionaries?


the greatest hunter

a tribute to woman


the story of poor canada

senior's corner: should we become refugees?


to the first nation people & first nations leadership

reconciliation is a sacrament


to the chief of the winnipeg police: getting tougher is making things worse

street gangs and homeless


morality vs. politics

Letter to lindor reynolds

October 10, 2005


is the roman catholic church responsible for the mess we're in today?

to all members of parliament secretaries & all members of parliament


woman thrown out on the street with her three children by workers of the government

Has Paul martin gone insane?


what is the ppp's views on abortion?

will the media be honest about this? are manitoba's big guns deadly?


paul martin not shaken by loss of sacraments for supporting gay marriage

paul martin signs up for one world order united nations


does history repeat itself?

are chartered accountants working with revenue canada to cover up corruption?


a gregoire friendly man says the cross is offensive from the backyard

to all media

September 24, 2005


September 24, 2005

Who masters the elements?


look out for canada, we told you

the rooster of awakening or betrayal


the awakening of canada to honesty, truth, loyalty & respect through love

may your vestments be as modest as mary


dealing with poverty & hunger throughout the world

loving you


is the past more important than the present? what will the future be?

canada, land of the free


am i my brother's keeper?



are we left or are we right?



how strong are our laws?

International Amnesty & Red Cross


To All members of Parliament

a cure for canada


the hour has come

people of canada and the world


rebuilding the twin towers. all things new. 911

in defense of gay people


what do we do to make this world a better place for all?

july 9 conference in toronto


were there politicians in the bible?

Clear message to canada and the world


are you who you think you are?

earth = monkey planet


what a difference a day makes

some people will never learn because they can't


the making of a new world in order

Dictatorship - one world order


diabetes among the first nations, highest level in the americas

dealing healthcare


pro-life (pro-respect), pro-choice (pro-flesh)

have the churches and government approved same sex marriages?


a letter to all faiths of any kind, including lacking in faith

a new world in order


a special message for our newcomers, including italy & vatican city

letter of love and peace for all to share

May 10, 2005


letter to sheila fraser, auditor general of canada

Still to the origins of pope benedict xvi


message to the russian federation & former soviet union

a true definition of a priest


to the people of the world: greetings unto you

shirley roulette's address to the members of the ppp of canada


letter to paul martin

April 20, 2005

Incredible & true confirmation of the right appointment of Benedict xvi


Message to Communist China

The Catholic Church has a new Pope: Congratulations to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger who has now become Benedict XVI


to Prime minister paul martin, all political parties, leaders of the church, the media & the people

Pope John Paul II appears on Mt. Sinai & message to leaders of the world, namely Canada, all parties & people


the treasury board of the world

The election of a new pope


people of the world: the time has come

Message to the diverse churches


to the people of Canada & the world

the truth


APril 1, pope john paul for the world

He has risen! (Who has risen?)


the laws of god will court you, the laws of man will take you to court

special article on the shroud of turin


the origins of religions & why so many

the prophecies of canada


government vs. religions on same sex marriages

the blind


definition of marriage of the absolute



words of wisdom received today for the readers

the issues of religions vs. government


sponsorship scandal

welcome to our usa visitors to our site


legalizing cloning & the use of embryos

invitation to all gays and lesbians of the world


suicide: assisted or not

reconciliation canada needs!


should governments & churches separate (divorce)?

the difference you can make


the flesh vs. love or love vs. the flesh

dreams & euphoria


the two brothers

the people's political power is!


the powers of wishes

the most complicated & the least understood book of codes (the bible)


a united nation

the issue of same sex marriage


Was Ali the greatest or allah?

a barrier in communication


911 emergency

the real presence


the greatest man that has ever lived

looking at the two sides of the coin


the status quo (namely) silence could be deadly

Who is in leadership in Ottawa?

January 5, 2005


The rights and wrongs of illuminati

January 5, 2005

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