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To Whom It May Concern:

Re:  A Rebirth of Spirituality

For approximately two and one half years I have been soul searching and seeking answers to dreams I have received.  I say received because in the First Nation culture we regard our dreams as messages.

As a result of my searching I got introduced to one, Roger Poisson, who also receives Spiritual messages. This gentle man has reawakened a love for my culture regarding the respect that my Ancestors have held sacred for the land and everything on it.  Above all, respect for the Spirit World, which guide us through life without our realization.

Roger has been a Godsend to come and help in our day-to-day lives in respect to family or health problems.  He has helped many to recognize and reconsider their feelings toward themselves and each other in respect to the teaching of Manitou, the Creator of all things.

I ask that Roger be given a chance, to be at least heard on what he has been given to share.  As part of the gifts form the Creator, we have been given the will to choose on what to believe.  What choice do we have if we fail to hear about other things that people have to share?

Thank you for your time in reading this.
Yours in Friendship,
Wendy Mousseau





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