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Testimonials of the Mission

To whom it may concern;

The first time that I met Roger Poisson was in 1993 during the Catholic Conference held in Sandy Bay.

I had no doubts even then that God spoke to him and gave him messages for the world. Today, I am more convinced than ever because of the miracles that I have witnessed personally. Some of these I have described in a letter regarding Roger, a few years ago. There have been many significant changes in my life. I quit drinking seven years ago, and was able to do it with Roger's help and prayers.

My life is going well. I can devote my time to my children, grandchildren and I volunteer in different committees. I attend mass and it is more meaningful since Roger has taken the time to explain about the last supper, its spiritual significance and how God gave up His Son so that we could be saved. I am able to help the students, parents, and staff that I work with. My son is doing very well academically in grade ten and in Army Cadets. le s a different story with my daughter. One day she loves school, the next day she doesn't want to set foot in the door.

Roger has always been there for us. He's been there when we had problems at home, especially when my brother, sister, and mother were very sick. He helped me when my family was split. My children and I were at a loss when my husband left suddenly.

The support we have from Roger and the Mission of the Shroud is unbelievable. No matter what time of the day or night that we need to talk to him, he's there for us with words of encouragement and comfort.

Today, I am not afraid of facing my past. I have been able to deal with it by being honest with my husband and with my children. I shared my sins and mistakes with them and asked for their forgiveness. My children forgave me, and they shared with me. By my sharing with them, they felt safe to ten me some things, which they had kept to themselves. We are learning to trust each other more because we love each other. I know that this sharing and telling each other our mistakes would not have been possible without Roger's guidance and God's help. I can truly say that I would have remained the bitter woman I was back then before I met Roger. I used to blame others for my troubles. Now that I have seen God's work and can understand better, I know that He loves us and He is forgiving. It took a long time, but I have forgiven all who have done me wrong. Likewise, I pray that the ones I sinned against will find it in their hearts to forgive me.

Whenever something is happening or going wrong in my life, I stop to pray and to seek God's guidance and help. Roger in his kindness to me shows how loving God is, since he serves Him. I have faith Jesus win help if we put our complete trust in Him. I believe this because Roger speaks about Him all the time. He has performed miracles, especially in my life. I stopped drinking, and this is a miracle in itself:

because I drank practically every day. Some people question my new life. It does not bother me anymore because I have nothing to be ashamed of. This change came after listening to Roger speaks of the Lord. I am very happy to know Roger, and I thank God every day for him. He has shown me in many ways how good God is to those who obey Him. Roger gave me the confidence to apply for the principal-ship at our school. I was so scared to try for it because I did not think I could do it. It' s been two years since then, and I am still here. It's been challenging and rewarding, I am glad I followed Roger's advise.

My children are struggling with many issues especially peer pressure. They come to my home and enjoy just sitting around and talking. My grandchildren are small but they often call.

My children know' they can depend on me and that I will always be there for them. It was different when they were younger, because alcohol and whatever else that comes with it ruled my life. The changes in my life continue every day.

I will always serve God and I thank Him everyday for leading me to Roger. With Roger's explanations, I understand about the goodness of Jesus and His mother.

I will continue to visit Roger to seek his guidance and his help. With this support from Roger, my life has meaning and purpose. I could not have changed my life without Roger's help. I did not trust anyone but since I have been seeing Roger as my counselor, I have changed. The Medical Services approved and paid for my travel to see Roger.

Shirley Roulette





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