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Testimonials of the Mission


Sorry for not answering sooner but I guess we talked on the phone a little didn’t we.  I’m really happy for what you’ve done for me and appreciate everything.  I know that there’s a lot to open up to and I guess I’ll do that in time.

I don’t like to say too much on the phone either.  But I pray to the Lord and repent a lot of what I’ve done to others and not to be selfish.  I really do would like to change my ways.  I believe in you really lots, especially yesterday.  I believed you’d tell my girlfriend Terrie the truth.  I wouldn’t but I don’t want to lose this woman and I believed in what you said is “best is honesty and truth”.  The Spirit is in you and is my Father ‘God’.  I do believe in him and never doubted him at all.  I do trust you, always.  I find myself healing my reading AA and Christianity books in here.  I relate to a lot of what the bible says and alcohol experiences and so forth.  I still have intentions of going to a drug program somewhere I don’t know yet.  I want the Lord and my girlfriend in my life and our kids too.  I do believe I am through with doing time and I’m going to do it with the help of the Lord.

Roger if I’m missing something let me know now, what I need to work on.  I feel lonely for this woman and my kids.  I don’t want to die; I want to live a happy, healthy life as long as I can with my kids.  I don’t know what to say so until then take care.

Thank you.

Your son, Ron





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