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Testimonials of the Mission

Note: This letter was written in 1995 and the Mission of the Shroud used to be called “Spirit in Life”.

It has been 2 and half years since I met Roger Poisson and the Heavenly Mission (Now the Spirit in life).

The meetings I have attended have helped me look at life in a different manner.  I have changed the way I thought of my fellow human beings, especially the women.  Like a lot of men like myself, I have allowed peer pressure (buddies, team-mates) and weaknesses (sex, alcohol, drugs) guide my life.  I have tried to build a relationship under these conditions, but as we all know, building on rotten foundations leads to collapse, in which many cases children are caught in the rubble, be it theirs or ours.

Spirit in life has given me to see the kind of damage a person causes when he or she plays with other people’s lives.  This change of heart gave me greater reason to reunite with my first wife, the mother of our first child.  Since our reunion we have had our ups and downs but our relationship has withstood a lot.

Our biggest obstacle was the Provincial Government.  The worker was more concerned of recovering monies than the happiness and well being of her client, “Luog Sagutch” who was in the verge of reuniting with her rightful husband. She got cut off Provincial Welfare, harassed with home visits.  Her treatment by these Provincial Welfare workers almost ended our relationship plans.  The hardship of being cut off assistance made her regret my return to the family, but thanks to the teachings of Spirit in we made it through this particular ordeal.

I would like to thank Spirit in Life for the future my family is about to embark on, and gladly give them permission to disclose the progress I have made and the doings of my past.




Morris D. Sagutch





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