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Testimonials of the Mission

Hello to everyone. My name is Karen Munroe. I was 28 years old.

I am one of many aboriginal women that have found peace within my life since I have been with the Mission of the Shroud.

I cried one night and prayed and asked "Where are you (God), I can't find you anywhere?" I have looked into different cultures and still I could not find Him. Like all of us do, the revolving doors, we end up at the beginning again making the very same mistakes we made before. Some say I have lived a full circle of life in a short span. I have, but the mistakes of that circle, cost me to make mistakes into my future.

I was found on Main Street (called “the strip”) by this white man in the Bell Hotel and he came in and approached me with the words of this so-called “God, the Creator”. He started to speak about the Aboriginal people and how we must stand now and the whole place stopped drinking and listened and at this time not one person drank, you could hear a pin drop.

At this time I was prejudice of whites. It took one person to give me that outlook. It was a Social Services person and they hurt my mother within her heart. She had made my mother cry and when at an impressionable age, I thought they (whites) were all the same, that they treated people all the same. It also took one white person to change my mind, that all were not the same after I got to know him and not "sexually”.

Anyway while in the bar I started to think this man wanted just one thing (sex). After he left the whole place began to make movement, then the drinking started again. All could say is that in some one way or the other people are sexually, physically, mentally or emotionally abused. All these have happened in my life by priests, members of family (uncles, aunts, godparents, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, doctors, strangers, parents, and those I have trusted).

When I was found on Main Street I was already into rubbing alcohol, hairspray, drugs, prescription pills, among many other things. These things led to a time in my life, that I share with you, where I was sleeping and all of a sudden I was slashed across my throat and then stabbed, while I was 7 months pregnant. Did that stop me from drinking later? "NO”.

Not to put blame on the person because also he had his own problems at 18 years old with his own baggage of sorrows. What he did was wrong, but he also needed help.

To state the fact that both my parents were married and had six children and were from a Catholic background and when my father died at age 38 years from alcohol related heart attack, my mother did not drink until he died. I was 12 years old. So we were from parents that loved us and were not on Social Assistance until we came to Winnipeg. It's not like I became a drunk or an addict when I was born, it took people in my life that disguised them as doing good deeds, giving guidance to one young woman with positive intentions.

When I met this white man I was prejudice but he taught me good things like life skills and that God, the Creator was not many different gods. Not saying that Buddha or Christian or any other religion is bad but it is how you portray GOD to be, to other people so that its takes effect.

When I began with the Mission of the Shroud I was in a state of confusion, and walking towards my own death, by my own hands. I have learned a lot from the Mission of the Shroud during these many years about life, which includes all things in one's life. That no one can tell you "you can't do anything with your life”.

He asked me once if I was an alcoholic and I stated "NO”. He asked me why and I stated, “It was the pains in my heart that drove me to drink. The things that I had made mistakes into my life.”

I have 2 children, ‘NO’ not the same father. The things I have learned from the Mission are to do with my life, as I see fit with tools that I gained from the Mission.

I went back to school, got my grade 12, then I went to University of Manitoba to gain my counseling degree, I have worked for 6 years in an abused women's shelter. I raised my children on my own since my daughter was 3 years and my son 7 years old. 17 years I have raised them, the best any single parent can. Working and going to school and one thing I had to learn is how to be a parent. I was not automatically born a parent, these skills I learned from the Mission. The Mission has saved my family, by learning abilities in all situations. Yes I got angry, I struggled, made the same mistakes, I was full of pride, among other things and when someone tells you the truth it does hurt, but only my pride then.

Today my children are not perfect, but they have the tools, it’s up to them to use. If at 40 years old I can go back to University, then at 20 or even older, they can do it too. I am grateful to the Mission of the Shroud for the gifts of knowledge and the support, and most of all the unconditional love that I was given. Without the Mission of the Shroud my family would have not survived the many pits.

I would like to state that when he told me the man I was mourning over was more important than my children, it was the truth. I say to women that the children must come first; they too have gone through exactly the same emotions you have, but are not noticed. As sisters, don't take your sister’s husband, boyfriend etc, then you have already upset the emotions of the other children, then all are scattered. They will find a home, but it may be the wrong home.

To end, when I say I love a child, woman, man, it has nothing to do with sexuality. There is always help at the Mission of the Shroud and they do not judge you, they truly love you. So my advise to you that reads this, if you have issues unsettled in your heart, reach out to the Mission and be not afraid because there you will find a family of different people with the same love for you as I received. I don’t say “Good luck to you” because good is made of efforts not luck.

God Bless!


Karen Munroe





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