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Testimonials of the Mission

Dear Roger,

It is with much love that I write to you today. Many times I have told you, since I have went to visit you that my life has changed. I find it sad to have waited so long to understand, all that you do with the native people, so much that I had to go see personally.

How unfaithful can we be as white people? I have realized and understood many things since that day, that I cannot stop thinking and I also wish to apologize and to go as far as asking to be forgiven in my name and as for us all white people. And I now tell you why. When I went to Sandy Bay with you, so many things have opened my eyes, first of all, how I was weary of these people, when I found them to be so generous, when I entered the sweat-lodge, I was so frightened, I even thought I might be scalped, it's terrible, after been so well received.

When I saw from their beautiful traditions, as the dream-catchers, the plate for the little people, the sweat-lodge, the elders, that are respected by far more, than we do our own. Their prayers of hunting animals, and before, I began asking myself what are our traditions, we are pitiful, we used to have the New Year's blessing from our father, not any more, it is silly. We used to go to church on Sunday, mostly to see who had the best dress or someone with the wrong person, so we would have something to talk about for a whole week. Who are we to believe we are superior, what do we have in our own traditions to compare to theirs.

They have problems with alcohol and drugs, likewise in Montreal, our treatment center’s are full to capacity they have waiting lists 6 months long and these are non-native, 99% white. The list on Incest now is so massive that it cannot compare one against the other. When I re-think about history in school, how can we have been so naive? Example: when my son Benoit was born, our father that had re-married an English woman, said she would change his name, for it would be easier to say, I was insulted, I did not talk to her or my father. We the whites have come to the native people and changed all their names and they did not have a word to say in that, and they have names like Roulette which means "Wheel", and it's normal that we did that to them. How many priests, missionaries have gone to Africa to evangelize the pagans, when we have such a beautiful people, besides us. And no one, to show them love, which is God's way, because God's way is accepting our brothers and sisters. The natives only knew their bows and arrows for hunting, I have never heard of them inventing cannons and guns, we have showed them, how to use them, we have made them angry. We have come to their land and told them to remove themselves to the reserves that in many cases are ghettos that we must change.

Now look at their beautiful traditions, the earth is round, so that we could get closer together, holding hands, but who has understood that long before us the reasons of their round tables, their ceremonies, circles. What wisdom of a people that we believe to be inferior to us. I have been welcomed with so much warmness by these people, so much sincerity, not a defiance on their part. It is why I cried so much, I kept seeing all the wrongs we have done to them, they didn't seem to know why I was crying, can you imagine what I felt inside of me 7. How I would love to be part of them.  I speak so much of them to the children that their parents are asking questions and I am happy.

I consider them my friends, I think of them often. How happy I am, you are their friend, because they deserve the best friend. And in you, it is God that is with them, and the most beautiful friend, we could all have, it is "God the Creator".

I leave you to this and embrace you, while embracing them at the same time.

Truthfully Your Sister & family

Jacqueline Gagnon
Montréal, Québec





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