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Testimonials of the Mission

“Spiritual awakening in Sandy Bay”

When help was needed the most, God Our Creator sent us Roger Poisson, as a servant to bring Spiritual healing to our people, and all people.

For so many years our Community has been subjected to different kinds of Religion practices and beliefs. The Church provided some but it has not succeeded in bringing the people back to God.

At this time the Church has taken a very negative stand against this man, who they claim is evil and a fraud. This man Roger has brought Spirituality back to our lives and he’s never once talked against the Roman Catholic Church or anyone else. How can the Church justify its actions, when they have refused to meet with Roger and to discuss his Mission or have an investigation to prove him wrong or right?

Peoples’ lives have changed and families are more united and are following the teachings of the Lord, according to the Bible. So much has happened in Sandy Bay by the messages that are received by Roger from God. It’s evident the Spirit of God lives in Roger and more people are turning to him for help. Most of the negative comes from people that are fearful and afraid to face the truth about them.

We are all going to have to face up to our mistakes whether we like it or not. The people on the Reserve are so divided now by what is happening. This division was caused by the clergy to begin with and then by local so-called faithful people.

Our church has been used to slander, spread hate, gossip and can you wonder why the people are so confused? A lot of misunderstanding has been placed by people who don’t take time to see or hear for themselves of what Roger Poisson is about.

Our people are struggling to unite themselves by going back to our Culture and how to help one another, when positive things start happening, who but the Church is the first to point the finger and judge people. We have always known that when Judgment comes, it will come from the Lord and no one else.

Our Creator has the Sovereign power and soon people will know of this power. We are always told to live one another and that God is everywhere. However when people start seeing Divine Images on pictures that are ridiculed or slandered by the Church, how can a Church teach such double standards?

God doesn’t want people to fight in His Name or destroy people; He wants us to be an example of Him.

Jesus a very humble man and he treated everybody equally and most of all He loved everyone, even His enemies.

Eileen Roulette
William "Bill" Roulette
Sandy Bay, Manitoba





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