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Testimonials of the Mission

To Whom It May Concern:

I have personally known Roger Poisson for a little over a year now and can honestly say that I’m happy and grateful to know him.

He’s been able to help me personally by making me realize that my reach for wellness and need or ability to help my fellow man can only be achieved by knowing how to love and forgive.

My involvement with Roger’s gatherings can only be described as revelations because these meetings have revealed to me my own shortcoming and petty biases.  In my position as Chief, I have had to rely on Spiritual guidance from Roger, to be able to help my people properly.

This Spiritual guidance has enabled me to believe that we all have (One) Creator and as an Indian Chief, my Creator is the same as the one I was taught about in a Catholic School.

The laws of man gives us the right to religious freedom and through Roger’s help I’m glad to say I believe in God again.

Chief Denis Roulette
Sandy Bay First Nations
Former Cheif of Sandy Bay



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