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Testimonials of the Mission

I’m going to try to write from my the Spirit has helped me a lot over my whole life. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for the Spirit I would have been dead or very very miserable.  I have learned not to be a sucker anymore that I have been able to become normal like a bird in the sky or a dog learning with its pack. I have become free like where I started in the sky. In the sky it’s so free that burning out is not an option anymore that learning forever is what must be done now. In order to become twins with the spirit I have learned from people who don’t understand the word ‘quit’ but understand love and respect. I have learned that, is it true or false that the world can change? The answer to the question is you decide. Well looks like I have decided to change myself in order to finally change the world. The spirit has shown me to wake up before it’s too late before the tears of my life and everyone else’s drown out his voice and eventually drown the world. He has finally taught me not to be a baby anymore but to be a sister, a mother, a friend, and above all an angel for him and for the world. I’m glad I’m a sheep and not someone that is so stupid that I could lose everything in one day. I have learned to see and not be blind anymore. It is time for me to finally shut up and listen as it is time for the world to be a new born. I am dead without my heart and the Spirit has given me the love to teach the heart to beat for the world. I want everyone to know who is drawn by the spirit to read this that I am nothing that these words are from the heart and that the HEART IS SACRED LIKE A WOMAN.

Claire M.




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