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Testimonials of the Mission

To Roger Poisson,

This is a letter to thank you for all the hope and direction that you have given to me.  I must say that when we first met about 6 years ago, I know I was a real bad _ _ _ [SOB or apple] and really didn’t care about anyone or anything except to meet my own needs and that is all I was concerned with.  Not saying that I could never be a good person, just that I never sure how to go about that.  I should also add that I did have charges to go to court on, shortly after we did meet and I am now coming to the end of my sentence.

Over my time I have had some real tough times, as well as some good ones.  But I always was able to call you and you always helped me through the hard times and were lending your ear for good and bad times.

I have met my daughter after 13 years, through you, heck I even spoke with my father after 18 years for the first time, and it’s true you give people your time, you say a man’s or woman’s family should be treasured, it is important.

Well right again you have taught me the values of a person and not to treat people as if you own them, but as people who also have to live. I have done other programs combined with what I have learned from yourself has brought me a long way.  I hope that you are able to keep your working with people going, because it is nothing but good for anyone, words cannot tell you how far I’ve come and I wish to keep getting stronger from the positive glow from yourself.

You know to tell you the truth; I have spent the last 17 years incarcerated.  I’m never sure of the direction to steer myself and I always seem to bungle up and end up back inside.  However, inside of myself I really feel that I’m a way better person.  I think this is the time for me to really make a positive impression I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself, and I know I’m going to do good.  I have too much to lose now and yet so many things I would like to do for my family and myself.  I have Geraldine who loves me to death as well as my family, one granddaughter, all of whom need me to be strong and a good role model for them.  I know that in time each of these kids will need some knowledge at times in their lives and I can only hope that I will be able to help them in their time of need, like you have helped me. 

Anyways, good luck to you.

From your friend,
Stony Mountain Penitentiary 



107 rue Marion, Winnipeg, MB, R2H 0T2, Canada


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