The holy face opens his Eyes

The Shroud of Turin

The image you see before you is from the Holy Shroud of Turin. It is the Holy Face of Christ with His Eyes open.  In the original Holy Face His Eyes are closed but you will notice in this image of His Holy Face, His Eyes are open.  Let us share with you the moments leading up to this incredible miracle (yet normal for God).

Roger was a plumber by trade.  Though he never had any official papers, he had one of the best plumbing companies in Winnipeg.  When he first started his mission with the Lord he had given all of his belongings:  the company, monies, and possessions, to his family.  But in the beginning to make ends meet for himself and his daughter who was staying with him at the time, he worked small plumbing jobs for some clients. 

One of those clients was a lady by the name of Anita Forest.  She called him in because she had a job for Roger to do.  When he finished he saw that she had a picture on her wall and he kept feeling drawn to it.  He notice a face imprinted on it.  It was the face of Jesus and he assumed it was a picture of the veil of Veronica.  Mrs. Forest, noticing Roger’s interest in it, said that it was the face from the Holy Shroud of Turin.  Years after this when Mrs. Forest was giving her testimony to Roger, she remarked that Roger “…was like a little boy looking at this image.  He was very drawn to it and very curious as to what this was…” 

Mrs. Forest felt that she needed to give Roger one.  So she went and got the last one she had and told him “Roger, this is my last one and you can have it.  But you must promise me one thing; you must put this poster in a place of honor and not just throw it away or forget about it.”  Roger promised he would.  She then said, “When you do this, something will happen to you.” 

Roger left her house with the poster and he thought to himself that she must be a little crazy or too religious but not wanting to break his promise, he put it up in a place of honor in his house.  He also wanted to follow her instructions to prove her ‘theory’ wrong that ‘something would happen’ because even though he put it in a place of honor, he thought nothing would happened.

In 1989, Roger was alone, sitting on his couch in his living room, resting.  While sitting there trying to relax from a long day, he heard a voice.  “Do you love Me?” the Voice said.  The Voice Roger had heard had to have been in the house because it sounded like it was right next to him.  Roger having had a busy day called out, “Okay, whoever is in here come out because I’m not in the mood for jokes!”  No one came out.  But then he heard again, “Do you love Me?”  “Okay, that’s it!  I have no time to waste with B-S so I’m going to find you wherever you are,” Roger responded.

Roger, thinking that someone was in the house trying to play a trick on him, went downstairs to check if anyone was hiding.  He looked in all the places that someone could hide, even in the furnace trap.  Roger started to lock all the doors, close all the windows.  He checked in all the places he could think of that someone might try to hide.  Finding no one he stopped and started to try to figure out what he had just heard.  “I know I heard someone,” Roger thought.  Then he remembered what Anita Forest had said to him. “Something would happen to you…”  He then thought of the image he was given by her hanging on his wall in the living room.  He thought, “Can this be what she meant?” 

Roger went to the poster and before starting to talk to ‘It’ he looked around to make sure no one was looking because otherwise, they might think, “He’s crazy talking to a piece of paper on the wall!”  After the coast was clear he looked at the image of the imprinted Face and said, “Was that You?” 

“Yes!” and the image came alive and the eyes opened.  “Do you love Me?”

Roger was so shocked, he was about to faint but he felt someone from behind him bring him back up to his feet. 

“Calm down.  I have much to tell you.  This is so little for Me to do.” 

“No one will believe me.  Can I take your picture?”  Roger asked.

“Yes.”  The Lord responded.  And this is the Image you see before you.

A lot of people when looking upon His Face with His Eyes open find that He looks angry but the Spirit has said, ‘It is not eyes of anger but Eyes of Truth.’  Finding yourself ‘face to face’ with Him while His gaze is locked on you, you are given to feel by His Spirit that He knows you:  He knows your past, present and future.  Truth cannot be hidden from His Eyes; nor can we run and hide from It.  We begin to recognize this Power while gazing into His Eyes for in doing so He opens up our eyes to the reality of His forever presence and eternal love for us. 

This is but the beginning of His Miracles through His Shroud of Turin. The Spirit has revealed many revelations through the Shroud of Turin:  Miracles within the burial cloth of Christ.  Through these revelations the Shroud comes alive when each revelation is revealed for it is the Blueprint of mankind, all history and all future history.  Each one of us is within His Sacred Blood and when we come to know this Truth, He resurrects His Life within us for He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Open your eyes!


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